Sunday, May 30, 2010

Car Seat

Don't like this car seat, don't like, DON'T LIIIKKE!!

Hmpf fine, it's not that bad

OK actually it's quite comfy... zzzzzz

Hubby bought Jo Ern a baby car seat after she rode in the car a few times in the pink baby basket. Luckily she likes it and would sit quietly while all strapped up. There's even a plastic label at the side which seems to entertain her as it makes a noise when she swipes at it. Often she falls asleep, and I would be so reluctant to carry her out for fear she would wake up and revert to her usual cry-quite-a-lot self!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Full Moon already!

Don't mess with me... I am one month old already ok?

Whew time sure flies. Little Jo Ern is already one month old! We had a simple lunch at home to mark the occasion. It was postponed a week due to an H1N1 scare at Justin koko's kindergarten, then I wasn't sure whether to just cancel, but we finally made it.

Easy one la... just tapau-ed yong tau foo and vinegar pork leg from a nearby shop. I cooked rice and made some dragonfruit jelly - can't do much with a young baby to take care of, heh. Hubby made sure good wine was available and put out expensive Havana cigars too. He also bought a playpen which provided entertainment for people trying to put it up:

How many people does it take to set up a playpen?

OK apparently a lot of people are needed

and also provided entertainment to the people watching:

Let's observe and see who is the smartest one of them all

Turned out it was Ee Teow (bro-in-law) who eventually solved the problem.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Posing posing

I insist on only being photographed on my left side

I moved back home after my confinement at my parents' house. Since then I have problems taking decent photos of Jo Ern since my house is darker and the so-called designer lights are yellow and don't give good photos. After my regular and frequent complaining, hubby finally posed for some with her in the garden. This single shot of her amuses me - hubby thinks he's setting up Jo Ern for a nice shot with his orchid but her body is all twisted. Or maybe she's really posing like a pro!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Shorty arms

Put your hands above your head! Err... never mind.

Noticed that when Jo Ern's arms are fully extended, her hands don't even reach the top of her head. Babies are so round and cute!

OK must limit the sleeping pictures. Ah Ma says it is 'pantang' (taboo) to take pictures of sleeping children. I have taken far fewer of her after that. That's because when Jo Ern is:

1) sleeping - not supposed to take picture
2) drinking milk - no extra hands to take picture
3) crying - too busy attending to her to take picture

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Illegal Ferrero Factory

What is Ah Ma and cousin Justin koko doing?

Caught on camera... an illegal home factory making bootleg Ferrero Rocher chocolates! Some more using child labourer!

Haha... actually it's a thank-you token for Jo Ern and cousin Jensen's full moon. First Ah Kong spent ages on the computer preparing and printing the labels. Then production line moved to Ah Ma who spent ages cutting and sticking the labels.

Must. cut. straight.

So much work! But the end product does look good.

Ferrero with a personalised sticker

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Playing by Herself

Play, play, play, wheee! Oops diaper falling off a bit.

This is a rare sighting of Jo Ern happily playing by herself. Normally if she's not asleep she will be crying for milk or attention or to be carried. My life would be so much easier if only she could entertain herself! Guess that's not a simple task when you can't talk, can't walk, can't watch TV, can't play computer games...

For now:
Fave food: Milk-milk
Fave activity: Drinking milk-milk
Usually cry because: Want milk-milk