Monday, October 31, 2016

Port Dickson 2016 second trip

We were in Port Dickson again.  Thinking back, this is our second trip this year since I celebrated my birthday here back in March.  Well it's quite near home in KL and the kids like it.

Practise my drawing on the sand...

 The thing with kids is, once they've been somewhere they like, they will always ask to go again.  Like to the Ostrich farm.  Entrance adds up to quite a bit at RM15 adult and RM10 child tickets.

Feed this billy goat

Only problem is, it had been raining on and off.  The skies had cleared by the time we arrived.  But it started to pour down a while after we'd bought tickets and gone in.  We managed to make it to the cafe within the place.  And the staff brought out a table of... BABY MICE!  Now, if you're stuck somewhere in a heavy downpour, having furry animals to play with is a good way to pass the time.

Look how cute this baby mouse is!

I name this one 'Chocolate'

After the rain eased we fed a few more animals.  Too bad my favourite, the rabbits, were all wet.  Finished off the feeding food with the ducks and geese.

Come here for your snacks!

We stayed at Glory Beach again.  Look how crowded the pool was hehe.  SE was wailing as she wanted to be carried in the pool.  And what did hubby do?  Took this child who was having a bit of cough and flu.  And all wet from being in the pool  And went to buy her... ice cream.  *smack head*

Just keep swimming

The kids had ice-cream a total of 3 times during this trip.  I'm quite sure this request will be repeated at our next!  Oh well as long as they enjoyed themselves!

Rainbow ice cream, this time!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Hmm let me check on my little sister...

Ya confirmed. Looks naughty

But I love you anyway


Heh two is a good number of kids!  Even though they often want attention at the same time and fight with each other, they do keep each other occupied.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mummy's Work

JE was asking what I do at work.  Hmm how to explain in a way a 6 year-old can understand?  I am in charge of certain functions while at the same time handling the hands-on work.

Me:  I work, and I also make sure other people work
(Patting myself on the back for this reply)

JE:  What happens when other people don't work?

Me:  I will say, Hey you! Go and work!
(Heh patting myself even more.  I do think this is a very good explanation of what I do!)

Aiyo mummy syiok sendiri only
(I.e., mummy thinks she's so clever only)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ah Mah's birthday 2016

My mother's birthday is tomorrow... but we already celebrated.  :)  At Ah Wet Thai in Kayu Ara.  Food was overall ok but there were some misses - the fried fish in 'something sauce' wasn't so good and they'd run out of crabs that time.  I did enjoy the pork neck, pandan chicken and grilled platter though.

Food glorious food

Sis baked the cake, it tasted good this time (It doesn't always, kekeke)

Blow out the candles!

Happy birthday to my dear mother!  Like she said, we shall do this for at least the next 10 years!

Nobody realised it at the time, but SOMEBODY wasn't happy.  Apparently she didn't get to help blow out the candles.  My mother tried to feed her cake/fruit/chocolate and only then realised something was wrong when SE rejected everything.



This little one, she's only 4 but she can stay angry a long time.  Recently she blamed cousin Jayden for tripping her and didn't want to play with him for the next THREE days.  Sigh... little chilli padi for sure.  Cousin Erin came by but she was still angry.


Thursday, October 13, 2016


Someone is awfully quiet.  Hmmm.  Standing all by herself in the corner for quite some time.


Sneak up on her to see why...

*Very quiet*

Aha!  Busy poking at the iPad that is being charged!


Sunday, October 9, 2016

10th Anniversary makan

Last year I completely forgot about our wedding anniversary until after the event haha.  I'd thought then that never mind, just nice that the following year would be our 10th.  And resolved not to forget the 10th.  :)

Wanted something a bit memorable as a celebration.  The seafood trend I'd been seeing on FB was interesting, but I'd always thought the outlets were in Subang or thereabouts.  I had no idea they were a lot closer to home!  So it was Kai's Plato for us...


Now, what are these two doing here??  For a wedding anniversary lunch that has nothing to do with them??

Play play play

Haha decided to bring the whole gang.  Well why not... and like I told hubby, sometimes he's just not in the mood to talk so better not dine with him alone haha.

Me and hubby were there too!

The food was overall good.  I thought the steamed seafood was slightly bland.  The main culprit was the squid... and it has to be one thing there was a LOT of!  (Some more hubby doesn't like squid so it was all for me sigh)  But the other items were all good.  Since it was only a platter for two, there were only 2 tiers:  Top one with seafood and the bottom one with soup, plus the seafood essence which dripped from the top.  There was a side of fried squid in batter too, which was nice.  We ordered seafood cheese rice and junior pasta for the kids and the maid.  The kids are asking to go there again.  They got to draw on seashells.  And tiny jellies were provided at the end of the meal.  Everything a kid could want.  :)

I drew a cake, a flower and an apple!

We have plans to go for more such seafood... maybe the sauce-y ones next time.  Anniversary or not hehe.

Friday, October 7, 2016

10 years

Taking a break from the kids, who are at the centre of my life at the moment.  Coz today is my 10th wedding anniversary!  Wow 10 years is a whole DECADE, has it passed by so fast?  It really, really doesn't seem that long ago.

While he annoys me no end a lot of the time, other times he does things which would impress even a pampered wife.  Also I don't forget that he ended a long period of single-hood for me (which was growing ever more tinged with desperation hehe).

Happy anniversary, hubby!

Hubs with one kid

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cute baby

SE likes to call herself 'Cute baby'.  When she went to JE's birthday at school this year, a teacher asked her her name.  She said, very softly, 'Su Ern'.  When the teacher asked, Oh what was that again? She said, much louder, 'CUTE BABY'.  The teachers all laughed at that!

She likes to pretend to be a baby, going 'ngeh ngehhh' instead of talking.  At which we normally tell her, you are not a baby, you are FOUR years old!

Oh well, I suppose four isn't all that old.  After all, just a couple of years back, she was still a REAL baby.

Just call me Cute Baby