Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wi-ched Wolf

I've been reading bedtime stories to the girls involving a wicked wolf (eg Little Red Riding Hood and 3 little pigs).  My maid Gen happened to try to make her eat properly by saying that if she doesn't, the wolf will come and eat her food.  To which SE replied, "NO... wi-ched wolf eat... ME".  Heh poor kiddo!

Once she pointed outside, said "wi-ched wolf" and insisted on snuggling against me and hubby the whole evening.  Another time when I pointed out a dog on the road, she said "NO... ee wi-ched wolf!" (It's Wicked Wolf)

I was a little worried she was getting paranoid.  But I think now that she does understand the wolf isn't real. Just last weekend she was shouting on and on, "WI-CHED WOLF!! COME EAT TA-TAK!! TA-TAK NAUGH-TEEEEEE!!" calling the wolf to eat her kakak.  Hehehe. Should be fine, this tough cookie of mine.

Must eat properly or wi-ched wolf eat ME
(But if wolf comes, I will ask wolf to eat my kakak)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Port Dickson again

We went to Port Dickson again!  After all the dire warnings the previous time too! Dug up a photo taken at the same spot - the kids have grown a bit (but apparently can fit into the same shoes hehe).


9 months ago

Previously both city kids didn't like the beach. This time I was equipped with digging beach toys and JE couldn't wait to play with them. She quickly got her shoes off on the sand.  SE however...

No no feet cannot touch sand. Dirty.

JE loved the sand! Next day she chose the beach over the pool. She dug, made sandcastles, decorated them with shells, fetched water from the ocean to water her creations.

Ta-daah! A crab and a castle!

SE was better. Luckily one of the books I've been reading to them is where a baby bear goes STAMP STOMP on sandcastles so she was keen to do the same. She wanted to keep her shoes on though.

I fetch some water

We had lots of snacks and one of them was prawn crackers. This cat was a fan of them. I had to stop JE feeding the whole bag to it!

Me and my Papa!

And I like this pic with our shadows. Me clutching SE's little hand while she holds the watering can in her other hand. 

Me and my Mummy

I rather think we'd be back!  Maybe for 2 nights next time? :)  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buffet activity

What to do on weekends?  If we stay home, JE watches TV morning, afternoon and night.  I do try to spend time with her reading, playing board games, playing pretend with her toys.  SE can be disruptive - at this age some activities are beyond her. The main problem though is, how much stamina do I have for doing kiddy stuff?  :)  (Hubby has practically none, no point looking his way)  And while sometimes I could still go on, JE is already requesting to watch TV. *smack head*

My solution? Go OUT.  Change of scene, get the body moving etc. We almost always end up at a mall.  So was happy to stumble upon another option - spend time in a buffet restaurant!  

Shabu Ten at 1U has a similar concept as I love Steamboat where plates of food travel around on a conveyor belt, except that the steamboat pot is communal here rather than individual. The food was fresh, pass. There were fried items and soft-serve ice-cream too. The kiddos were entertained by the conveyer belt and didn't run around.  Hubby likes steamboat and didn't have a black face.  Our maid actually said 'Thank you' for the meal (I didn't know how to respond haha). 

JE doesn't eat much and it's not worth paying for her at buffets. Luckily there was a free-kid-meal promotion.  I wanted to take a photo of her in the restaurant and she presented her bum...

Take photo of my BACKSIDE hehehee

SE still eats for free.  This one is hard to deal with as she insists on everything done her way.

Me! Take photo of my Hello Kitty!
We spent close to 2 hours there grabbing plates off the belt, cooking, eating, repeat.  Must do something like this again!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Take photo

Before the kiddos came, I never bothered much with a camera except on holidays. Now I routinely bring it along on trips to the mall, to the restaurant, to open-house invitations...

Checking the equipment with my little model...

I'm so glad JE has stopped running away from the camera!  She's a little self-conscious sometimes but at least I get decent shots now.

Me and some minions

As for the little one, last weekend I heard 'Take photo! Mummy, take photo!".  Looked down and there she was carrying this box of Hello Kitty toy.  So I snapped this photo. And she went to put the box back on the shelf.  Hehe.  (I suppose one day she will be asking to buy the toy!). 

Take photo, Mummy

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Princesses of my heart

I've been going through a busy period lately. Went to a project I did not like (but eventually made peace with it), worked on proposals with demanding clients and timelines, handled support tickets in between other work, had to read up on Malaysian GST in between everything else. But near the end of every day, my mood lifts just thinking that I'd be seeing JE and SE soon!

I could earn more if I work out of the country. I'm not remotely tempted though. Cuddling these kiddos every single day, taking them to sleep every single night, waking up with them every single morning? Priceless.

We are actually princesses!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Unknown sidekicks

I keep having unknown people in the house! Heh. That would be JE calling SE by another name, depending on what character she (JE) is supposed to be at the time.  If she decides she's Peppa Pig, she will call SE 'George' (little brother of Peppa Pig).  If she's Elsa at the time, she will call SE 'Anna' (from Frozen). Surprisingly SE will respond to the new name!

Rexxxx! Come here and take photo
(I still have no idea where 'Rex' comes from)

Look at the camera, George

I suppose when SE can talk well enough to call JE, the number of unknown people will double!