Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wi-ched Wolf

I've been reading bedtime stories to the girls involving a wicked wolf (eg Little Red Riding Hood and 3 little pigs).  My maid Gen happened to try to make her eat properly by saying that if she doesn't, the wolf will come and eat her food.  To which SE replied, "NO... wi-ched wolf eat... ME".  Heh poor kiddo!

Once she pointed outside, said "wi-ched wolf" and insisted on snuggling against me and hubby the whole evening.  Another time when I pointed out a dog on the road, she said "NO... ee wi-ched wolf!" (It's Wicked Wolf)

I was a little worried she was getting paranoid.  But I think now that she does understand the wolf isn't real. Just last weekend she was shouting on and on, "WI-CHED WOLF!! COME EAT TA-TAK!! TA-TAK NAUGH-TEEEEEE!!" calling the wolf to eat her kakak.  Hehehe. Should be fine, this tough cookie of mine.

Must eat properly or wi-ched wolf eat ME
(But if wolf comes, I will ask wolf to eat my kakak)


  1. If she doesn't have nightmare she should be fine. Why did she want the wolf to eat her kakak?

  2. Mun, kakak was trying to make her do something heh.

  3. Ai, this one ah... bet she's really going to test my patience when she's older.

    SK, nope no nightmares.