Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Greetings from Rio!

Christ the Redeemer, from my hotel window

It has been a work trip I was dreading.  I'd tear up every time I thought about it.  It would be my very first time being apart from JE and SE since they were born.   It was a very long journey to Brazil. The last time I'd traveled for work was over a decade ago.  From being a frequent flier with work trips every month... to not even having a valid passport for the last 4 years.

If I'd known upfront that a trip was involved, I'd have run away quick.  As it was, by the time an onsite visit was deemed necessary, it was already a bad time to to ditch the project.

So here I am in Rio de Janeiro.  First drama was, I confused the date/time (what a rookie mistake!) and went to the airport a day late.  Managed to sort that out (with a RM1900 penalty which luckily my boss didn't bat an eyelid in approving) and took the flight I'd thought I was on.  It took 30 hours from home to hotel.  So tired and I missed the kiddos terribly.  Day1 was tough.

It's now Day2, finished a day at the office and my mood has improved. 

Now to finish off what I need to, and get home.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

More CNY pics

What the kids were looking forward to for CNY wasn't the food.  It was.... fireworks!  JE asked many times when she could play with fireworks.  From way before CNY to the eve itself!  Finally she got them...

See my stars

I have fire too!

Lighting up my next...

Burning money it might be, but they did have tons of fun.

The next CNY event was dinner with my side of the family.  Well, except for sis who wasn't around.  We decided on a "no-rice" pot-luck.  Ended up with potato, pie, pasta, beehoon, glutinous rice... who needs rice haha.

The food

The kids, with food

Before I knew it, it was time to leave.  Which meant it was a good night indeed!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CNY 2018

Happy Doggy Year to everyone!

This is already Day 5... been lazing around and eating too much!  I've just started work - it's only in the office, in front of the laptop, that I find it easiest to actually do things. 

First up, a pic of our Reunion Dinner table.  Not a bad spread!  Didn't order 'poon choy' this year as hubby said there was already enough food.  I totally didn't bother about alcohol although it looked like hubby had quite a few premium bottles going.  (I didn't take a single picture either)

Food food food and then people

The next day, went to take photos at the Secret Garden.  I'd bought a cheongsam online for JE at the last minute but it turned out too big.  Luckily found a pretty new dress for her so she was happy.
Happy new year from all of us!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Not celebrating

CNY is coming!

As usual I realised that fact a bit late and am now scrambling to get ready.  This year we aren't supposed to be celebrating due to MIL's passing.  We didn't put up decorations at home and I didn't get cheongsams for the girls (or maybe I should?  Hmmm.  Oh well it's rather late already)

I have now made 3 types of cookie/snack and gathered the essentials for the reunion dinner - the eating part goes on hehe.

The kids are looking forward to... NO SCHOOL.  And of course lots of playtime!  So bring it on!




Thursday, February 8, 2018

My "job"

So JE has been a prefect about 2 weeks now.  And what does she say?

JE:  I hate my job as a "xue chang" (prefect)

Hehe... 7yo and already "hating her job"  Apparently her job is to "guard" the eating area of the Malay students during recess (no idea why people can't mix?).  That is her only job and she says it will not be changing.

She still likes wearing the tie, so guess that compensates for having a task she doesn't like.

Relaxing outside my job hours

I do wish they would rotate the tasks of the prefects.  I can imagine it is so boring not being able to enjoy recess with friends.  Hopefully that will happen.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Glasses for both?

So collected SE's new frame, which is the same design as her old ones.  And the old ones?  Well someone is rather happy with them.



No lenses, just for fun. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bad Su Ern?

SE can be very affectionate, and also very fierce.  She has a temper and would really fly off the handle once triggered.  She would shout, stamp her feet, hit people...

Some days I would go to my parents' house after work, and my mum's report would be... Today it was the BAD Su Ern. 

If you ask SE, she would have a slightly different version of the report.

Version 1
Today I was good, AND bad.

Version 2
Today I was good, good good... then only bad.

Hehe.  Makes a difference who writes the story!  Guess she can't deny she was naughty, but she put in the fact that she was good part of the time.

I am actually good, a lot