Monday, October 28, 2013

Port Dickson trip

I bought a Milkadeal voucher for RM99 for a 2-room apartment in Glory Beach. My sis and SIL said this place was run down. I was sold by a few features though. Hubby only found out later that my voucher was for Glory beach and also complained. (Eh how come everybody has been to this place except me? Heh)

So.... how was it?

Firstly, the resort didn't have anything to do with the deal - the apartment was owned by a private individual who had only 1 unit. Now I know that individuals can put up such deals... interesting.

The features that drew me in? Well there was...

A beach! Yeh yeh yehh!!

SE's first time! She pointed to the sea and said 'Wo... wo (water)'

There was also...

A playground! Yayy!


A water slide! Watch me go!!

And even animals...

Rabbits and turtles! (Turtle pond is right behind SE here)

Giant arapaima fish! (Lost my brand new Tupperware here, sigh)

Leatherback turtles! (Access only at feeding time)

Even hubby cheered up for some monkey business.


The shared facilities above were well-maintained. The apartment was clean with a view of the beach, towels/soap/kettle/kitchen utensils etc provided. The beach wasn't anything to shout about, but this IS Port Dickson. I just wanted sand and waves for the kids. JE was 'a little bit scared' of the waves though.

Food-wise, we found a nice corner restaurant a short drive away. This 'dragon phoenix pot' dish was good - fresh seafood in a curry-like soup. Yumss!

So overall... yes, it was a good holiday! :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ah Mah's birthday 2013

And Ah Mah turns seventy! With an additional grandkid, 4mo Jayden. We booked a room at Unique Seafood and ordered a set dinner.

We only noticed after the candles were blown that there were only SIX candles on the cake. :)  Cake drama again thanks to my sis - collapse of homemade cake, desperate calls to people to buy cake when everyone's already on the way to the restaurant, her scrambling to buy cake while being already late, the missing candle.

Oh well, food was all right, everyone was happy.

1,2,3... seven grandkids, correct. Six candles, errr.

6 grandkids all in a row

Pic of the first dish which is always my fav. No further pics of food taken. :)

Happy birthday to my dear mother!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Papa's on holiday

Hubby held off going overseas since the last trip as we couldn't get a maid for a while. Now that our current maid seems stable (fingers crossed), off he is going again. Sigh. This time it's a week-long holiday in China/Macau. This trip is partly to visit relatives and partly a drinking/eating trip with his buddies. Neither the former nor latter interest me so... guess I shouldn't complain!

Our papa went to China already

Forgot to add in original post...
While hubby was packing and preparing for his trip, I found myself GLAD that I wasn't going. After spending a substantial amount of time overseas for work (many months each in Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne, London and Leeds, weeks in HK, Singapore), I do like just being home.  And I was especially glad that I wasn't leaving my girls.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Little Miss Mischief

SOMEBODY got hold of Ah Kong's pill box with its compartments for each day of the week. And re-distributed the pills in there. Fortunately she left some pills on the floor and put the rest into ONE single compartment so Ah Kong knew something was up.  Otherwise he might have gulped down the wrong pills.

SOMEBODY put my freshly-picked lime into the toilet bowl. And flushed it. (Yes, limes go down when flushed!)

SOMEBODY regularly gets her hands on scissors by dragging a chair to wherever they are kept in high places. So far she has cut assorted books, a hole in her pants and her own eyelid in addition to acceptable items like brochures and advertisements.

SOMEBODY drew on the curtain also when other kids just draw on the walls.

These days, when some mischief is found especially when it's of an odd type, people say, 'Must be Jo Ern lah!' And yes, most times she IS the culprit.

Look, a flower! (broom in the fountain behind, yep that's her work)

Ah Kong says she is just curious. I suppose it's good that she's using her brain and exploring the world in her own way. Err I guess. Maybe. At least she has the grace to look guilty and does admit to her misdeeds!

My big girl, at 3.5 years old.

This dress har, can turn and dance wann!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fell down

Waaaa I fell down!!!! WAAAAA!!

Eh somebody pick me up already! Waaaa

Hello?? Anybody? Waaaa

Anybody????? Waaaa

Bah. Looks like I have to do this myself 

Really must complain about the service here 

Continue.... *play play play*

My philosophy is, SOMETIMES when you ignore the problem long enough, it will go away by itself!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Papa's place

Last weekend hubby finally got a new mattress. Come afternoon nap time, JE came downstairs in a flood of tears.

JE:  Mummy... *sobs* I want to sleep in Papa's place
Me: Ohh. Jo Ern go and ask Papa ok? Where is Papa?
JE:  Sleeping
Me: Sleeping where?
JE:  In Papa's place

Obviously this was a matter between hubby and JE! I shoo-ed her back upstairs. When I went to check on her a while later, this is what I saw in a corner of our bedroom:


Kiddo had made her own bed on the floor. With her bolster and pillow, my blanket and her doggy. Oh well... whatever works! She was fast asleep and hubby got to sleep on his own mattress. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

SE talks

SE does say some words now. First phrase was 'no more', which comes out as 'mo more'... said wistfully while she looks into her empty bowl. We knew she understood the meaning as it was often accompanied by this hand action:

Mo more....

All human beings are 'jie-jie!'.  She knows how to complain when JE doesn't give her something... come over and point to her while saying 'jie-jie... jie-jie...'.  Or just bawl, depending on her mood. :)  And in contrast to big sis JE who used to call all animals 'dog', SE calls them 'tat' (cat). Maybe one will be a dog-lover and the other a cat-lover? Hehe.

She says 'book' very clearly when she fetches books for people to read to her.  Also 'ball', 'duck', 'walk'. 'Ffffff' for fish, 'sshhhh' for shoe, 'thowww' for throw, 'wa wer' for flower, 'ta tak' for kakak (the maid).

Ta-tak is feeding me my lunch

And assorted other words when she tries to imitate what people say.  This is such a cute phase. *sigh*

And this is how to act cute