Friday, September 13, 2013

Sleeping arrangements III

We started with one double mattress (our room is designed Japanese-style with a hole for the mattress instead of a bed). When JE came along, she slept in the middle between hubby and me. She got bigger and got her own single mattress alongside. When SE came along, she got JE's original middle placing.

Space between SE and JE belongs to Mummy. Not that either of them bothers

SE got bigger and followed JE's tendency to move around in sleep. Hubby ended up getting kicked a lot. Her head is normally towards me (the milk source heh).

SE is stirring. She is a light sleeper and wakes soon after I get up

Eventually hubby got tired of that and kicked himself out of the double mattress.


Poor hubby's mattress is only a thin travel one! He wanted to get a good (= expensive, say RM2k) single mattress but he likes very-firm mattresses. I argued that would be a waste of money since it would be too firm for the girls. He doesn't like softer mattresses though. So for now, it's a standoff and hubby remains on the worst spot. :p 


  1. So cute to see the growth of little SE from a bub to crawling stage summarised in the 3 pics... how long would hubby settle with that thin mattress?

  2. I'm always amazed how one small human being can take up more space than 2 big adults!! haha.. Lil Pumpkin was sleeping on her bed for a while but recently has come back to our bed. Gotta move her again soon ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Leona, ya hor can see little SE growing! I don't know how long hubby can last hehe.

    Ai, very true about these small human beings!