Friday, May 26, 2017

The reluctant student

SE isn't a model student so far.  Back when the previous kakak was trying to teach her ABC...

SE:  I can learn any time I want, kakak.  Now I don't want.

This studying thing... I don't like it

Now that she's in kindy, she has "study time" with the cousins in the afternoon.  Sometimes she doesn't want to go upstairs for it.  Sometimes she keeps grumbling that she wants to go and play instead.  So my mum asks her to learn first, then go and teach kakak.  This should make her more keen to learn.  My maid related a few stories from different occasions:

Kakak:  What did you learn today?
SE:  Uhmmmm I forgot

Kakak:  What did you learn today?
SE:  Wait. * goes upstairs.*  Ah Mah! What did I learn today?

Kakak:  What did you learn today?
SE:  Ah mah don't want to let me learn today
(Haha... I also don't know what happened)

Kakak:  What did you learn today?
SE:  I learn today
Kakak:  What did you learn today?
Kakak:  Ah ok, you learnt the word "today"!

Hehe... luckily kakak is cooperative!  (And I never, ever want to homeschool my kids...)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Making up

This was a well-received "toy".... real make-up!  An eye-shadow and blusher set to be precise, no lipstick.  The kids have been playing with it every so often.

I asked for "princess" style

Check and see nice or not

Although there is only 50 difference in power between her eyes, she always closes one and squints with the other whenever the specs are off.

Turns out our maid Jane used to make up kids for concerts back in Phillippines.  So she's perfect for the task as chief make-up artist.

Wait, we're not ready


Hehe what little vainpots!


Friday, May 19, 2017

The best

Had this platter at Windmill over the weekend...

Food's here! What's good?

I spot something...

Sausage, come to me

A whole selection of fish n chips, roast chicken, grilled lamb, beef, salmon, chicken etc and she chooses the sole sausage.  Next time I should just buy a 10-pack of frozen sausages and cook them at home...

Monday, May 15, 2017


We were walking past Body Shop and there were body butters for testing. I put some onto SE's hand. She asked what it was for, I said to "make the hands soft".  So we were rubbing them onto our hands.

A few minutes later, I felt her little thumb and forefinger digging into the fleshy part of my palm.

SE:  Mmm. SOFT.

Haha... my bad for not telling it properly.  I should have said "make your SKIN soft!"

Then she went and asked our maid to feel her hand.

SE:  Is my hand soft?
Maid:  No, it's hard! (Just to disturb her)
SE:  Oh.  Must be the BONE.

We had a good laugh over this.  This girl takes things so seriously at her age.

Mum-my! You must tell properly! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Birthday for kindy

This is SE's first year at kindy, and thus also her first birthday celebrated outside the house.  JE helped with the party packs while HRH the Birthday girl busied herself watching TV.

One colourful pencil, one Pokemon eraser, one wafer, two jellies, one balloon...

All done (got these zipped pouches for only 80sen/pc from Mr DIY)

The other important item was the cake.  The bakery near my house usually stocks a lot of Princess/Barbie cakes.  That crucial day, they didn't. Hubby's mission was to procure a suitable cake (it was a weekday and it would be cutting it close to get to the bakery in time for SE to choose the cake herself) and was happy to eventually spot a Little Pony cake.

That night...

Hmm Mummy says I'm getting a Pony cake

Hmff. I don't like this kind of Pony

She was not impressed haha.  (I don't see what's wrong with these ponies?!  Except maybe they overdid the mascara...)  Oh well, there were no big tantrums, and we brought cake/party packs the next day to cries of "Happy birthday Su Ern!" from her classmates.  Overall mission accomplished.

Update: Just for reference, the REAL ponies look like this:

Monday, May 8, 2017

SE is five!

Su Ern is five years old today!

Happy birthday to me!

We celebrated the weekend before.  It was also considered a celebration for JE since she developed chicken pox on the eve of her own birthday celebration.  The cake has 5 candles but does say "Happy Birthday Jo Ern and Su Ern"!  SE chose the Minions cake (which JE didn't quibble about... since she did have her own choice of cake earlier).

JE: My cake too!

Menu, for my own future reference:  Prawn/seaweed crackers as appetisers for hungry guests.  Then for mains - Bak kut teh (cooked by hubby)/yau char kwai/enoki mushrooms, Yong tau foo, Satay, Stir fried veg.  Nah, *I* didn't cook anything hehe.

Nom nom nom

The kids played various games together.

Duplo for now, later other things

I like how the photos turned out... the birthday girl does pose well when she's in the mood.

Happy 5th birthday!

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Vampire

JE is still changing to a new set of teeth.  I checked back and it's already more than a year since her bottom teeth fell out.  The top ones were wobbly for a very long time - my maid says they were like that when she came 10 months back!  Well they're finally out and new teeth are peeping out.

Where?  What vampire?


Check out mah Fangs!

The top tooth that has appeared appears to be huge size-wise.  Hope things will (magically) turn out fine.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When interests coincide

One wants to nap and one wants to play iPad.  So both do it together, peace to all.

Play play play, Snore snore snore

Snore snore snore, play play play