Friday, May 12, 2017

Birthday for kindy

This is SE's first year at kindy, and thus also her first birthday celebrated outside the house.  JE helped with the party packs while HRH the Birthday girl busied herself watching TV.

One colourful pencil, one Pokemon eraser, one wafer, two jellies, one balloon...

All done (got these zipped pouches for only 80sen/pc from Mr DIY)

The other important item was the cake.  The bakery near my house usually stocks a lot of Princess/Barbie cakes.  That crucial day, they didn't. Hubby's mission was to procure a suitable cake (it was a weekday and it would be cutting it close to get to the bakery in time for SE to choose the cake herself) and was happy to eventually spot a Little Pony cake.

That night...

Hmm Mummy says I'm getting a Pony cake

Hmff. I don't like this kind of Pony

She was not impressed haha.  (I don't see what's wrong with these ponies?!  Except maybe they overdid the mascara...)  Oh well, there were no big tantrums, and we brought cake/party packs the next day to cries of "Happy birthday Su Ern!" from her classmates.  Overall mission accomplished.

Update: Just for reference, the REAL ponies look like this:


  1. no tantrums means she is ok with it la. true mission has been accomplished.

    1. She wasn't HAPPY about it haha. And hubby was saying, should have spent extra to customise it! Aiya cake only mah (stingy mummy talking)

  2. Maybe she expected a cake in the shape of a pony. When birthday girl is happy, everyone is happy.

    1. Ah no, we haven't seen any cakes in the shape of a pony so her expectations aren't that high. The problem was, these ponies on the cake ARE ponies, but they don't look like those on the show!

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