Monday, September 30, 2013

JE talks

JE can be quite a chatterbox. She punctuates with lots of Malaysian non-words like "lah", "har", "wan" etc. Sometimes foreign accents creep in - must be from the TV since she doesn't rub shoulders with non-Malaysians! Thought I'd record a few conversations that amused me...

1. Reporting her day

JE:  Today har, Ah Mah forgot to sew my pants. Because har, Ah Mah is VERY OLD already.
(My mother is not that old!)

2. At the recent Lantern Festival potluck, coaxing her to eat the lotus leaf rice that my mother contributed.

Me: Try this ok? Ah Mah made one. Later Ah Mah ask, Jo Ern try or not and Jo Ern will say... ?
Me: *Put rice into her mouth* Later Ah Mah ask, nice or not? And Jo Ern will say...?
(Heh tact is obviously not her specialty)

3. iPad
I've been playing some iPad games that require regular collecting/harvesting etc. Last night at midnight, I was doing that in the toilet when JE woke up and came in to do her big business:
JE: Why har, Mummy sit on the toilet bowl and play iPad? Then...
JE: People don't do that WANNNN.


This one is my money bag!

My mummy har, always taking photos wannnn

Friday, September 27, 2013

Greedy guts

SE likes eating (unlike JE) and is inclined towards related activities. Like pretending to cook.  She will make stirring motions with a spoon and then when her 'food' is ready, smile and bring the spoon to her mouth . She will also bring that spoon to 'feed' people. Say 'ahmm ahmm!' and make eating motions and she will smile.

She will also come with thumb and forefinger together and give you something.  And if you don't know what she is trying to do, she will smack her lips to indicate she's bringing you food.  :)

Cook cook

Cook cook cook

I am really thankful that this one likes food. Last week I was busy trying to coax JE into eating some small biscuits. JE was busy focused on the TV. After asking her 5-6 times to eat her biscuit, I noticed the bowl was already empty.  ALL the biscuits were stuffed into little SE's bulging cheeks!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Water play, with 2

Fired up the 'ol inflatable pool last weekend. This time, Su Ern is old enough to play too!

We are going swimming!

Look, I have a strawberry ice-cream!

Look, I have a hamburger!

HAHAHA soo funny!

I'd bought this Little Tikes pool at rather a high price and had regretted it. But TWO little girls getting such joy from it? Priceless.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Balloon master

Last year we bought a book on balloon animals since JE likes them. Hubby was the one twisting away - I don't quite like the squeaky sound rubber makes hehe. The first few animals he made were mostly mutants of some sort. But he got better! Recently I bought a new bag of these balloons and the kids have been happily playing with various animals. Last weekend I requested hubby to make swords and hats as well.

SE: Whaaaaa jie-jie taking all the balloons! 
JE: Ok ok give you this orange one also
Hubby: Twist twist

Check out my new hat!

Look, I get a hat too!

Nice or not our hats? Same design one!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hobby: Tupperware

I've been going a little crazy over Tupperware lately. Bought some online and since then I keep looking for more. Initially I bought rectangular ones since these are easier to store. Then once I had the small and medium ones, I then needed some BIG ones. And also TINY ones. And maybe ROUND ones. And maybe some in nice designs or colours which I don't already have. Arggh I am not addicted, am NOT!

My mummy bought all these colourful things

Su Ern, jie-jie show you what these are!

JE: Ta-dahh! Building blocks!
SE: Oooh! Hehe. I poke and see if this will fall

I have always been partial to things that can last. And these, my girls can take some next time. Haha... justifying myself already!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sleeping arrangements III

We started with one double mattress (our room is designed Japanese-style with a hole for the mattress instead of a bed). When JE came along, she slept in the middle between hubby and me. She got bigger and got her own single mattress alongside. When SE came along, she got JE's original middle placing.

Space between SE and JE belongs to Mummy. Not that either of them bothers

SE got bigger and followed JE's tendency to move around in sleep. Hubby ended up getting kicked a lot. Her head is normally towards me (the milk source heh).

SE is stirring. She is a light sleeper and wakes soon after I get up

Eventually hubby got tired of that and kicked himself out of the double mattress.


Poor hubby's mattress is only a thin travel one! He wanted to get a good (= expensive, say RM2k) single mattress but he likes very-firm mattresses. I argued that would be a waste of money since it would be too firm for the girls. He doesn't like softer mattresses though. So for now, it's a standoff and hubby remains on the worst spot. :p 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ipoh trip 2013

We were in Ipoh last weekend for the housewarming of hubby's relative. Hubby thought of bailing out but it was too late to cancel our hotel reservations. Oh well, take it as a holiday then. He insisted on bringing the maid so we took a 2-room apartment at Tower Regency. It was serviceable, nothing fancy. There was a small pool area:

Yay! Swimming!

Su Ern insisted on going in as well.  I didn't want to get wet since it was cold and the pools were small so I carried her around like this:

SE: OK what, this is nice also

Surprisingly she liked that enough to go for a few rounds! Later on it was off to the housewarming. Hubby's relative bought the place, completely leveled it and rebuilt. It was nice and huge. I still prefer houses that DON'T require a full-time maid to clean.

I'm just a garden statue, I don't need rice. Erm but need chocolate.

My feet... the grass is prickly. Don't like!

Next day we went round Ipoh for swiss rolls, salted chicken, biscuits, kuayteow and other food. What I loved was setting the destination on the GPS... and estimated travel time came out as THREE minutes. Next destination... TWO minutes.  Next one... THREE minutes. Woo hoo! We collected everything within half an hour!  In KL we'd probably be in some traffic jam heading towards the first destination only!

Went to Sam Poh Tong so the kids could see tortoises...

Tortoise! Tortoise! TORTOISE! 

I wanted to take a pic here, just because we did last trip. Su Ern was still in the tummy then and now she's here, proud and definitely LOUD.

Tried to take photos in the ornamental garden. JE is in a camera-shy phase and SE doesn't know she's supposed to look at the camera. Oh well.

I think I see some fish there

At least, a holiday destination besides Genting. Heh heh.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Trolleys ll

I used to carry them in supermarket trolleys like this, one by one in the trolley seat. Now JE insists that both of them must sit INSIDE the trolley, together:

Little girls for sale! A little bit naughty only.

I'm happy to oblige... simple pleasures are the best.  (If I don't have much to buy, that is)

This is nice!

The live seafood area elicits lots of giggles and excited pointing. No need to buy tickets. *big grin*

Woo hoo, FISH!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bath tub fun

Jo Ern likes playing in the bath tub whenever we go up to Genting. This time, I decided Su Ern was old enough to join in the fun!

SE: Jie jie, can I play too?
JE: Hmm you are a bit small. Let me consider your request

JE: All right you can play, but not too long ok? Or you will get cold
SE: OK! Yayy!

The little one had a blast! She was smiling and laughing so much.

This is soooo fun! Heheheee

But she didn't dare to SIT in the bath tub. Spent most of the time standing with knees bent:

SE: It's fine, I prefer to stand like this
JE: See me spit water out!

Love my two girls!

(JE had one eye red and swollen half shut. Had to put some steroid cream on it or she'd keep scratching and making it worse.)