Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I now see supermarket trolleys in a new light.  As a kiddo carrier!  JE loves to sit in them and I must say, I do like pushing her in one. She will be near my height and facing me so it's great for chatting.

Mummy, now go buy what? 

Now that SE is big enough, she can sit in a trolley too. This one is a bit risk-averse/kiasi though - must hold on with her little hand!

Hold tight-tight in case people don't push me properly   

And if we're not buying much, both can go in one trolley.

(Notice SE is hanging on tight with BOTH little hands!)


  1. some supermarkets here have trolleys attached to kiddy ride cars too. so fun but can be quite dirty since they are so popular :P

  2. Ai, oo yes now that you mention it, there's this car-trolley that I've been wanting to 'borrow'. Somehow always too far from the counter though! These days malls are so big.

  3. SE look is so adorable...

    I still squirm whenever I have to put ally to sit on those trolleys actually. But no more sanitizing them. Thank goodness she is almost outgrown them.

  4. Leona, haha you and sanitizing. I just don't think about it, it's ok as long as not obviously rusty or dirty. Ignorance is bliss. :)