Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another photoshoot

Our last photoshoot didn't turn out too well. I bought another, and this time decided to focus on the kids only. But the package was for ONE kid and the studio didn't allow buying 2 packages for 2 kids.

I was agonising over who to send. SE coz she won't be a baby for long and she's never had a photoshoot. But the studio had a play area which JE would appreciate. Also the package comes with a mug thus swinging the choice towards JE (SE can't drink from a mug yet!) Finally, it's for kids under 3yo and JE turns 3 very soon.

In the end, decided on JE. The 1-hr-long session went well. JE liked the warm-up play area as expected. The photo assistant was energetic and really helped bring the smiles out. There were costumes available.  I liked a few which JE refused... how do you make a almost-3yo do what you want? Well... you can't, haha. I managed to pick 2 costumes. The 3rd one she picked came with a tight hat which she refused to put on.  Oh well. I only get to choose 4 photos anyway. Sneaked a couple of shots of the session...

Jie-jie, throw the ball ok?

The last section was for family. Finally SE got in on the action! But the little one just stared at the photographer, unsmiling. I guess it's hard to entice a baby to smile. She doesn't play, she doesn't even understand. I was glad that I'd decided to focus on JE.

We're very important people, you know?

3 weeks to wait before our appointment to view the pics. I have a good feeling about this, can't wait. :)


  1. Can't wait to see the finished pics too!

  2. yeah, Jo Ern looks like she's posing really well for the pics. should come out amazing :)

  3. OOoo I love photoshoots! Can't wait to see the finished pics too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Practice makes perfect,eh? Your two princesses look like pros now:) 3 weeks a very long and agonizing wait but I know it's gonna be well worth the wait!