Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Genting trip 19 - food!

Genting AGAIN! Hehe. For hubby's birthday, we had a 2n stay in a Maxims suite and a 1k meal voucher. This trip, we found they'd opened a new restaurant for Platinum cardholders. The breakfast buffet included pure fresh juices, imported yogurt, jam in little glass bottles and blueberries, raspberries, strawberries.  When buffet wasn't available, there was a very decent ala carte menu to order from. Juices, wine and premium coffee were available on order. And it was all FREE. Oh, pick me up off the floor! *happeeee* Hubby had been having free food/drink all this while but that was him only.

Braised beef noodles, herbal duck drumstick noodles, club sandwich. Soup and desserts too. All FREE

My lunch: Prawn noodles, white wine and herbal jelly. FREE

For my own reference, we used the 1k at Genting Palace restaurant. Guests were SIL and partner. EVERY dish, I forgot to take pics until it was half eaten so voila! A photo montage of half-eaten food:

Suckling pig, greens, appetisers, soy prawns

Didn't manage to finish the voucher so we took home 3 bottles of wine. :)


  1. Everyone on the table must be famished so much so all the food was captured half eaten! Haha. Btw happy bday to the bday boy and am sure he felt like a king dining a meal fit for a king! Err pardon my silly question but you mean you've been to getting 19 times???

  2. Juana, started counting for this blog so it's Jo Ern who has been up to Genting 19 times. Not bad for a soon-to-be 3yo eh? :) SE has been 7 times. Me of course more, and hubby I don't even dare to count. *faint*