Thursday, April 4, 2013

Genting Trip 19 - and the rest

Hubby and I have a routine now: I take JE to the theme park, he babysits SE back in the room. OK I'm officially bored of going round and round for rides!  Heh.  JE doesn't want to get off at all. I see most kids have one round and then go away. JE goes 5, 6, xx times!  I stop counting after a while. The kid is happy though so, *shrug* I'm happy too.

Go, chicken, go!

I sit on this TWO times, ok? 
(This ALWAYS gets increased to THREE, then FOUR, then...)

Sat here to rest the little legs and have a snack.

This one is a Sheer-rio

As usual, she watched cartoons and had bath tub time. Nope, I never switch the TV on... the whole purpose of bath time is to reduce TV time. :) She's happy with something to pour water from/to. 

POUR! Heheheeee

Su Ern tried to get in... next time, ok, little one?

Up! Up!

Mummy, want to play also


  1. Do you usually go up on Sat/Sun or Fri/Sat? I just cannot stand the crowd. if weekday, i might join you. P has been bugging me to bring him to G again.

  2. Normally weekend. If 'weekday' also it'll be Fri or Mon. Yeah it does get crowded esp if school or public hols also!

  3. Wah the tub looks so inviting. U never had a long bubble bath...watching some telly while hubby looked after the kids???

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  5. Leona, I'm not a fan of long baths. Don't like the water getting cold and me getting prune-y. I'd rather lie down somewhere I can doze off if I want!