Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I am late for work

My current client is pretty fussy about punctuality. No choice, I have to arrive earlier at the office. So I set my alarm earlier. I have my breakfast and get JE's breakfast ready. Then comes the hard part, digging her up from bed (NOT simple) and getting said breakfast into her.

I put her on the dining chair and often, what happens is:

Slide down to sit on the floor 

Crawl under the table and refuse to come out

(Hauled back to the chair) Suck fingers and refuse to touch fruit

Sighh.  Clock ticks signalling that I am getting later and later for work.

Or this happens. She cries out, 'I want oi-oi! (sleep)'. So have to put her in SE's playpen:

Lie down in playpen and suck fingers

Sigghh.  10mins in the playpen means I will arrive at the office 10mins later.

And this happens pretty often too:


Rub eyes and sob 

Sighh.  Feeding her takes time and all this drama is delaying the START of that! Can I just submit these photos to explain why I'm late for work??


  1. maybe u can just give milk in the morning n let her eat her breakfast later in papa/mama house. afterall it seems like everyday she eats there bout 10.30am. guess she's still sleepy so that's why can't eat. oh wait a minute, she doesn't like milk either. how bout dutch lady chocolate milk, those in tiny little box or small box of milo. Justin n jensen gets that n love that when we go swimming. btw, i heard JE is quite a sleepy head, even in the evening it's hard to get her out of bed.

  2. I know what you mean. Most of the time, getting Lil Pumpkin up for school is such a chore! I feel like making her sleep in her uniform so that's one task down but she don't want. Sigh.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Cat, I dig her up about 8am so 10.30 is quite far away. And she doesn't SEEM that sleepy (except when she requests to oi-oi). I offered her DL milk, no interest. Actually I've tried quite a lot of food by now and I get ONE standard answer... 'NOT NICE'. Sigh.

    Ai, yeah I'm dreading it when she goes to school and has to be ready even earlier! Which prob happens next year.