Monday, April 22, 2013

On feeding JE

Feeding JE has been tough lately.  She keeps food in her mouth for AGES! This morning her breakfast was fried noodle. Quantity wasn't much at all, about 3 mouthfuls if I were to eat it. Hubby was messing around in the garden so I fed her a mouthful and let her go 'help' hubby.  But after a while I got tired of asking whether she'd finished each mouthful coz the answer was always NO. Got tired of asking her to SWALLOW THE FOOD.  So I told her to sit until she finished the noodles. So she had to:

JE: (Chew chew chew)
SE: Papa can carry me?

5 minutes later:

JE: (Chew chew chew)
SE: Mummy can carry me?

Another 5 minutes:

Me: Mouth still got?  
JE: Got
SE: This is taking too long. I go out by myself

She was miserably fiddling with her spade and itching to go yet she was unable to eat faster. I kept spooning soup in to help her swallow too. Sigh.

I got her de-worming medicine yesterday. Hopefully that will do some good.

And needless to say, I was late to work again this morning!

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