Monday, November 12, 2018

Gymrama stretch

SE was such a bad student initially at gymrama.  She was always up to something else instead of following instructions. Partly I think it was to cover for things she couldn't do yet, like catch a ball, skip a rope, arch over backwards.

Lately though I see her doing various stretches outside class.  Managed to snap this picture of her doing some colouring on the floor:

I'm busy colouring

She still isn't good at gymrama but it looks like there is hope yet!

Thursday, November 8, 2018


JE got this marshmallow at school.  She opened it after dinner.

Jojo can I have some?

SE was keen to try it, JE wasn't keen to let her.  After I pressured her, she pinched a DOT off the marshmallow for the little sis.

Can I have some more?

After 5 times of me asking JE to give her MORE, SE ended up with this 'big' loot:

Mummy! Jo Ern naughty!

I was also tired of asking already. So SE had only those bits of marshmallow to eat.

Friday, November 2, 2018

SE's graduation

Compared to JE's graduation, SE's was a grand, grand affair.  Grand ballroom, formal wear, Chinese course meal, no kids allowed other than those graduating.  Apparently the whole affair was to "honour the children" - oh come on, these are little kiddos.  I was planning to skip it as I didn't agree with the whole concept, we would have to leave JE at home, I didn't need to be having dinner with a whole bunch of parents I didn't know.  Plus hubby said stuff the dress code, he'd be wearing a T-shirt to it.  The kids would have a performance which I thought would just be the concert one where I couldn't even get a decent picture.

Haha so much for all that.  The parents queued for the tickets the day it was sold. The next day, I went to ask SE's teachers whether it'd be all right to skip.  Luckily they convinced me that it was important and I went to buy tickets.

Turned out the kids had a different performance and costume.

A photo before leaving JE behind

The little poser!

It was grand all right.

Table setting

Inside the scroll, a message from my girl which made me tear up
(Although the teacher must have made everyone write the same thing!)

There were multiple performances by the 91 kids graduating - SE went up to the stage 4 times, including going up to the stage and collecting the scroll.  

My fav photo of SE for the night

SE was a trooper, smiled and smiled non-stop the whole night.

Cheese! And peace.

Waiting to go into the ballroom

The kids were kept somewhere else and were marched in and out at various portions of the night.  They didn't even have the course meal, only fried rice.  At times it felt like the kids were merely there to entertain the guests and justify the occasion.

Grand, huh?

Mummy and Su Ern

While I still don't agree with having it on such a big scale, it was well-organised and I had a good time. Hubby managed to find a jacket so did not stick out like a sore thumb.

We didn't wait for the family photo session and left about 10pm plus.  Imagine how long it would have taken for each family to fuss around and take a photo.  Asked a teacher to extract SE from the other room and went home.  To poor JE who cried when we got home.  (This one is pretty sensitive!)

Glad my family is back!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Ah Mah's birthday 2018

It's Ah Mah's birthday! We celebrated at Tropicana Spring Garden this time. The kids were happy as they got to go bowling first courtesy of my brother.  Erm no pictures, somehow was lazy.  :)

Then we adjourned to the restaurant.  Good service, and no complaints on the food.  We had Peking duck, tiger grouper and the other usual suspects.

The birthday girl

Hello tiger grouper

All sing happy birthday!

All together

Many happy returns to my beloved mother!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

More cute food

Continuing on the trend of buying cute things (don't even get me started on the stuff I have bought from Shopee hehe).

Saw some cute turtle buns.

My turtle is smiling

My turtle is super cute

SE: My turtle's leg is in my mouth already

We now sleep at our apartment near my parents' place.  Good thing is, there is more time for the kids to watch TV and eat something.  If we drive all the way home, it'd be nearly bed-time by the time we arrive.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Belated mooncake celebration

Belated post of a belated celebration... Somehow didn't make a big deal of it this year.  Luckily sis-in-law had lanterns.

Grandparents and grandkids

My mum thought they could light up the lanterns and just hang out in the garden  But the kids requested to walk around the neighbourhood with their lanterns.  We had been doing that and it's good that they remember this 'tradition'.  They might outgrow wanting to do this all too soon.

Didn't even have any mooncakes... didn't receive any, didn't give any.  Must do better next year!

Walk walk

With our lanterns

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Cute things

Since having JE and SE, I've been into cute things.  I look to see if it's something they would like and if yes, I get it.

So it was with these 'apam' - which is something in between cupcake and kuih.

Mummy got us these cute 'apam'

Look, a bear!

I choose this ninja turtle!

A cow!

We like our apams....

These had kaya/jam fillings and actually tasted pretty good.  Too much colouring of course.