Monday, May 20, 2019

Su Ern is 7!

This little feisty one is 7 already! 

Check out my silly bee cake!

The 'activity' was at Milky Way Playspace.  Hmm first impression was, it's so small!  But overall it's well-designed so turned out there's enough to occupy the kiddos.

The birthday girl

They had to suit up first...

Happy girl

We are ready!

The place is a obstacle course with different types of obstacles.

On we go!

Up and up

And across

There was a trampoline too, and this green thing where they spent a lot of their time climbing:

Up and down

They still didn't want to leave after 2.5 hours haha.  But the adults were hungry (and tired of waiting!) so off we adjourned to KFC for lunch.

Us and the bee cake
Happy birthday to Su Ern!

Saturday, May 18, 2019


I like this melon ice-cream!

Share with Su Ern ok?

SE: Aaahhh
JE: * holds ice-cream far away

Jo Ern! You can't finish one by yourself! Share this one with Su Ern

SE: Aaahhh
JE: * holds ice-cream even further away

SE: Ice cream?
JE: Hmm (ice-cream still far away)

Ended up JE had most of the ice-cream and only allowed SE a few licks here and there.  I can't buy one each as they normally wouldn't be able to finish.  JE having that much of this one was surprising.  And by the time she finished, SE didn't look like she was keen on more so I didn't bother getting another.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Gymrama competition again

Time for this biannual event.  As usual, there were the rental costumes (JE's with long sleeves and diamonds are RM100, SE's is RM70), the hair, the makeup.

We are ready!


The routines are only a minute plus. The girls aren't that good, but at least they take part.  The groups are small and everyone gets a medal.

4th place

4th place also

SE wasn't happy with her placing though.  Some of her grouses, accompanied by a lot of extremely-upset kicking around:

1.  Stupid rope!  Cannot go straight!
2.  The judges are stupid!  The judges are just DUMB!
3.  Why the bad ones get first, and the good ones get last!  (She presumably belonging in the latter group)
4.  People practise for MANY years but still they don't want to give penguin! (Top two get a penguin soft toy this time and my girls were eyeing those.  And SE isn't a diligent gymnast by any standards so the practising many years part is totally overstating it)

There were more that I can't remember now.  Quite funny actually!

Proud of my girls!

Part of the group

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Our May1

Work is consuming my waking hours these days.  I work late, rush back for a late dinner and shower around 9pm, take the kids over to our apartment, settle them down for the night and start working again.  It seems that the time I look forward to is when I can finally go to bed at night.  :(  Definitely not a good thing... things should improve after the next couple of months or I really need to look for a new job.  Weekends are pretty much the same except I do try to recharge a bit and of course I need to fetch the kiddos for their activities. (And right now I'm defiantly updating my blog instead of tackling my mountain of work hehe)

May1 public holiday, I didn't work so much.  We went over to 1u.  First the kids did window-shopping, bought snacks and squeezed soft toys...

We like soft toys!

Then we tried out the new outlet of House of Pok.

We are ready for lunch!

It was rather a long wait.  Luckily a hair saloon opened....

Let's get you a nice hair-do
Ta-dah! Braids going into a teddy bear tie and then a ponytail

 Food eventually arrived.
All right, let's check out the food


Verdict:  OK only.  Price is reasonable, taste is all right.  I'd happily have weekday lunch there but for weekends when we want something different, will go elsewhere.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

SE's drawing

Might as well put in another in SE's series.  I'm just glad this one didn't feature butts or poop.

The girls are still attending their art classes.  I'm not sure they're benefiting much from them actually.  JE at least does a page a day.  SE being someone who only does what she wants, can take her own sweet time and take 3 lessons to complete one page.  The last time JE told SE that she was slow, she started counting the number of things she had coloured that day.  JE had to tell her, the things you drew yourself (at the side) DON'T COUNT!!

But this latest one from SE looks nice enough so far.  She'd written things at the side as usual.  Apparently she wanted to ask the teacher something and she was busy with someone else. So this girl resorted to writing 'Help me help me' hahaha.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

SE's second dentist visit

Fast forward 2 weeks, it was time to go back to the dentist.  The milk teeth didn't show any signs of getting shaky.  So I prepared SE by telling her that for me last time, the dentist put some gel and then gave an injection before taking out the tooth.  And off we went.

Told SE she'd get a toy if she was brave that day.  JE wasn't happy about that.  She said she had 8 teeth out already and didn't get any toy.  This one had wanted to come along that day but she was being a nuisance sulking away.

No! Su Ern cannot get toy!

It was a long wait as the patient before us had a long procedure.  Finally, after an hour:

I'm going to get a toy later!

The dentist was patient and kind, and took the time to talk to SE first.  She confirmed the milk teeth were still strong.  She would have to put the gel and injection.  And immediately SE started screaming and kicking.

No! No want injection!!

And wriggled and crawled away from the dentist chair.

No... I don't want injection

After taking time off work and waiting so long for our turn, I really wanted to get this over with.  But really, no deal with an uncooperative patient.  Tried to hold her down, but she was struggling violently and pushing the dentist away.


After half an hour of this, we had to give up.  She gets a reprieve of another 2 weeks to try to push the milk teeth with her fingers.

Sigh.  Another round of consultation fees.  When will this end...

Sunday, April 21, 2019

SE's first dentist visit

SE's permanent teeth have appeared, but they are BEHIND the milk teeth.  Thus both sets are happily co-existing - apparently this is common enough and is called 'shark teeth' since sharks have two rows of teeth.

Milk teeth in front, permanent ones at the back

Hubby took her to the dentist and sent me these pictures:

Let's check you and see

Let me tell you what you need to do

OK? Can understand?

I thought she was such a trooper and behaved well.  Apparently she was apprehensive at first though.  The dentist said the milk teeth were still strong.  But gave her 2 weeks to push at the teeth with her tongue in the hope of loosening them.