Sunday, June 23, 2019

Self art at Globalart

The girls still go for art class at Globalart.  JE usually finishes off a page of the book at each 2-hour session.  SE however, can take 3-4 sessions (which works out to a whole month!!) to finish one page.  Why the disparity?

This seal below has already gone through two sessions.  Still far from completion, as you can see.

Only half-done

The other panel gives a clue.  Note the self-drawn small objects.

Now what are these?

Close up:

Detailed story

Apparently she was complaining about this new Book2 as compared to the one just finished.  And there are various depictions of Book2 being attacked with spears, pitchforks, guns...

Sigh... how not to be slow at the real colouring like this.  I'm on the lookout for a real art teacher for this girl.  For now, she still enjoys the classes so we continue.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Goose pond again

Hubby went off for a holiday again and we were staying an extra night in our apartment.  So I thought might as well take the kids over to mess around at this place nearby before their gymrama class. The geese are still there but no longer allowed to roam freely.  Which is a good thing since they're pretty territorial and can get aggressive.

T'was a lovely morning.

JE in a kayak

Four girls in kayaks, and a duck

This boat was apparently trying to head to Phillipines

All five wanted to stand on this oil-drum thing

JE and SE

I took a turn on a kayak too. With SE as my little passenger 

Overall it was perfect.  Weather, timing all co-operated.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Walk together

Just yesterday...
Oh there's so much water here

My feet are getting all wet!

Come let's walk together

Yes we can do this!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Funtopia again

Cousin Jayden's birthday this time.  :)  Kiddos got to go to Funtopia again.

Let's start!

Busy busy

This round I escaped halfway to go walking round and only came back just before time's up.  

We are happy!

After dinner at Texas Chicken (kids tend to choose fast food), we walked over to Fatbaby ice-cream.  My first time at this place owned by my cousin.  Pretty good stuff!  I wouldn't mind coming again for those waffles.

Can we dig in yet?

Enjoyable celebration for both kids and adults. :)

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Checking out new places

I'm still working like a dog at my new job (just got confirmed after 6 months of probation period).  So much so that instead of going to our usual restaurants at malls, I prefer a quicker meal (and then back to work, sigh).  Recently we tried out two new places nearby.  Erm new to us that is... the shops have been around for years heh.

First was Fifth Palate.  The girls LOVED the food!  They were thrilled when food arrived and piled up their plates.  Which was actually rather a surprise to me.  While of course I had them in mind when I googled for likely restaurants, these kiddos aren't really into eating.

Wow look at the food!

We like this kind of food!

They got a rootbeer float too since they ate well.

Ooh brain freeeeze

The second place was The Uma for balinese food.  This was rather nice too, though food was rather spicy for the kids.

Check out our dinner!


Guess there's a silver lining behind every cloud!  Though I hope to be out of the depths soon and get back to a more balanced life.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Two in the morning

This was a rare occasion when both girls are together in their school uniform.  JE is now in the morning session for P3 while SE is in the afternoon for P1.  Normally JE wakes up 6am, gets ready then I walk her downstairs to the lobby at 6.30am.  I wake SE up around 7am so she'd get more sleep then we go over to my parents' house around 8am (earlier if I have to be at work early).

On teacher's day, the afternoon session also went to the morning.  So it was the very first time both are in the same school, same session!

JE and SE 

Waiting for the transporter

Would have been much better if SE could have gotten into the two P1 morning classes.  But I couldn't think of any valid reason/excuse to apply for that, so now she'd be in the afternoon for two years.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Super angry

SE gets super-angry and looks like she's about to explode.  And she can be like this for quite a while.  She got angry one swim class at a girl in JE's class who teased here and took away her swim board. After class, she sat at the edge of the pool and ranted like a mad person:

SE:  Silly, stupid, ugly Jo Ern's friend! *kick kick water violently*  Took away my board and say booo!  Stupid stupid friend!  Argggghhh!!!  Imagine this (her 2 fingers) is Jo Ern's friend. *beat beat those fingers*  *kick kick water*  Stupid, ugly...

Told her to snap out of it after 15-20mins.

It's hard to get photos/videos though, as she'd temporarily stop the behaviour or go somewhere out of reach of the camera.  This time, our maid took these pics...


Very angry

Need to teach her some anger management techniques.