Monday, June 29, 2015

JE and the bed

JE has been sleeping on her own mattress since 2010.  It was one lying around the house and is probably not a good one.  Lately she has been wanting to sleep on my bed. Which isn't good for me since SE is on my other side.  Both of them turn around a lot in sleep and I often end up with a foot dug in one side and a head dug into the other!

So I decided that a new mattress for JE was in order.  She said she wanted a soft bed like mine.

But when we went to shop, she chose an extremely-firm latex one.  I kept asking her and even dragged her to another shop to check out more options.  Nope, the kid was adamant.  I even said, we're not getting the cartoon bedsheet you know, just the bed.  And she said yes, she loves the bed. See, I have proof:

Ahh so nice this bed. I want this one.

This mattress was really hard.  Still, I did want a comfortable night's sleep and the kid wanted it, so fine we paid and arranged for delivery. End of story right?  But a few days later while waiting for delivery, I mentioned that her mattress was coming soon.  Her face fell.  She said she didn't like it, it's too HARD.  I said cannot change already, we already paid and this is expensive, and didn't I ask her many times whether she wanted that one and she said yes?  She went off to sob. Not wailing or making a fuss, just miserable sobbing.

What happened??  I did confirm we were not getting the bedsheet, just the bed.... OH-OH did she think we were getting the BED?  It was a rather nice bed, a red one with some steps to get up to it. Did I say 'bed' rather than 'mattress'??  Very possible, actually.  Coz we don't have beds proper, only mattresses. So to me, 'bed' is the same thing as 'mattress'.

When the mattress came, the poor kiddo went off to sob again.

Oh dear what to do.  I'm hoping she gets used to it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fierce yet funny

My small girl is still fierce.  And generally does whatever she wants, turning a deaf ear to anyone telling or yelling at her to stop.  But she manages to be amusing and adorable at the same time. Noting down some incidences before they slip my mind altogether.

I cute...

SE the cute
SE: (wanting to attract my attention) Mummyy 
Me: I'm cooking. Go and play ok?
SE: But I cute... *blink blink

Now where did she learn to say that??

SE the doctor
Taking a stethoscope toy, she put the earpieces into her ears and the other part onto her own heart.
SE: I can hear my heartbeat. Hee hee hah hah. Hee hee hah hah.

OK me, I'd be flabbergasted if my heartbeat went like that...

Pschuuu pschoo... working my spells

Interactions with our maid...
SE the helpful (or not)
SE:  (seeing kakak weeding in the flower bed) Oh kakak ih tuck
Kakak: Su Ern come and help kakak ok?
SE: No me cannot help. Later we two also tuck.

Fine, there's a logic there!  If she goes to 'help' kakak she'd just be a nuisance.

SE the teacher
SE: Kakak Gen, thih one ih lello colour. Thih ih bue colour. I teek you. You mah learn ok? Mah learn.  (This one is yellow colour, this is blue colour.  I teach you, you must learn ok?)

Now, this phrase 'must learn' I know comes from my mother!  Generally used on the older kids.

SE the dismisser
SE: Kakak, juh now got ugh-ugh (poo-poo) come out. But, never mind.

Argh how to never mind when she's so smelly!

Take picture with this bear

Bear again! Take picture!

Aishh my fierce, funny, adorable child.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Genting trip

We aren't going to Genting much these days, compared to the once every two months or so once upon a time.  Hubby is busy with his F&B venture for one thing.  For another, there isn't much attraction now that the theme park is closed.

Still, we managed. :)

Walking into the resort, we encountered 10 clowns twisting balloons and clowning around.  I always think fun-oriented places should have people doing this!  Not like Disneyland where you have to queue for hours to take a quick photo with Mickey Mouse. This is first time I've seen clowns there... and they disappeared after that day.  Oh well.


See, kids are so happy with a simple balloon.

There was some event on for Rio.  Nothing great though the kids enjoyed taking photos every time they saw some Rio character.

This one is the girl bird.

The indoor theme park is still there.  I don't hand out money for this. Even though the kiddos periodically tried their luck. My rationale is they don't really know how to play yet anyway.  So they just pressed buttons and pulled levers and hopped and 'drove' and 'rode horse' and whatnot.  Still happy.  Proof of the pudding... they requested to go to the arcade THREE times.  Haha.  (OK I know one fine day I'll have to spend a fortune on such things!)

Bang bang bang!

Me, I liked eating out every meal!  There was a glow-in-the-dark promo thingy on at Bits and Bites.

Glow in the dark food. Served with a LED light bangle.

Giant slice of moist chocolate cake
(but this one not so nice, the brownie is better)

Besides that, the kids had fun splashing around in the room bathtub. Watching cartoons. Running around the room (we had a spacious one) opening and closing the internal doors.  Climbing up onto furniture.  Snacking.  In short, they enjoyed themselves.  And kept asking when we can go to Genting again.

Since our goal was to give them a holiday, target achieved!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Who's smelly?

Normally that would be SE, sigh.  It has been half a year since we tried to potty-train. And gave up. She still poo-poos very frequently - up to 5 times a day.  This reduces if we go out though - maybe just 2 times.

I'm pretty sure she's ready now.  Coz she goes and hides when she needs to do her smelly business! Behind curtains, in corners, in gaps between furniture...

Hello who is that??

Why are you hiding?

Su Ern... why are you squatting in the corner?

What normally happens next is, someone starts sniffing the air.  A bad smell is there. Ask SE, "how come so smelly, did you ugh-ugh (poo-poo)?"  She will answer, "I don't want to tell you.  I also don't want to tell kakak anything".  Hehe.

Bought training pants for her already.  So far she has managed to poo-poo once in the toilet bowl, and pee-pee once in the potty.  That was a few days ago... the last few days weren't convenient for potty-training.

OK, bracing for "accidents"... bring it on!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ending and beginning

Just realised I don't have time to blog any more this week. My GST assignment is finally ending - can hardly believe it has been 10 months at this difficult project. For a start, the worksite is far from my house and I spent 3-4 hours daily on the road.  There were tons to do in the office and my work never seemed good enough.  What to do... people at the helm were career women who lived in the office! People who had no qualms having meetings at 7, 8, 9pm. Well I did have some highs.  But more lows.  I have been too stressed and tired out to plan holidays, read bedtime stories, spend time with the kiddos.  Time to start again.

Come Su Ern, I fix the zip for you. Mummy is busy

We went to Cameron Highlands recently during a break in my project.  Tomorrow we're off to Genting. :)

And I really must start trying out new dishes again.

Monday, June 8, 2015


We normally go to a mall on weekends.  It gets the kids away from the TV, lets them stretch their legs a bit.  Adults are happy to shop and have lunch out.  And there often is some kind of promotion event going on.

There was this small beanbag area with a TV in front.

First the small girl sat primly on the beanbag to watch TV.

This is quite nice to sit

Then crept to the beanbag in front.

Can lie on top also

The big girl then moved to lie on another beanbag.

Quite nice to lie down on to watch TV

Then they comfortably shared one beanbag.

Can share also

And now I'm really thinking of buying a beanbag!  Hubby says no, he had one before, didn't like it and dumped it.  But he can't remember the reason so can't convince me.  :p

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Play time or meal time?

JE eats better now, but she's so used to PLAYING during mealtimes. I guess that was 'trained' from a very early age.  We'd always had to distract her with something in order to slip food/milk into her. Found this old post of the things we had to do to feed her when she was just 1+ yo.  Now that she is 5yo, there is no meal she sits facing the food throughout.  Put my camera to work one lunch out...

I'm under the table!

I'm a giant monster going to eat kakak!

I am the king of the jungle, roarrrr!

I can climb, and hang over the seat! See?

I can cross under the table to the other side!

Gngngngn.  At least she does eat better now.  And apparently she never does this kind of thing at my parents' house haha.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

We wanted to take our mother out for Mother's day.  Sis suggested Awet Thai in Puchong.  That's rather far for me, so I suggested something in Ara Damansara.  Sis veto-ed that place.  Then bro suggested Awet Thai in Ara Damansara, apparently they opened a new outlet there.  Haha... sometimes life works out perfectly!

The food wasn't cheap, but we enjoyed it overall .  Let me try my hand at being a food blogger (with help from sis and SIL who hissed 'take photo!' at the right times)

Grilled cockles, mieng kam, baked crab and prawn. 

All dishes were good.  Crab and prawn dishes made up half the bill of the night.

Sizzling pork, paku salad, grilled wings and tom yam

Most of my family like 'paku' - I don't coz of the weird feeling on the tongue after 3 mouthfuls. Bto ordered a much bigger plate of paku after that.  That was fine, I saved my stomach for the yummy wings and tom yam. There were at least 4 other dishes totally disregarded by me - fail as food blogger!  Fine, I take pictures of people instead...

7 kids and 3 maids make up a full table of 10!

My best picture of the night (lighting was a bit dim):

Happy mother's/grandmother's day!