Thursday, June 4, 2015

Play time or meal time?

JE eats better now, but she's so used to PLAYING during mealtimes. I guess that was 'trained' from a very early age.  We'd always had to distract her with something in order to slip food/milk into her. Found this old post of the things we had to do to feed her when she was just 1+ yo.  Now that she is 5yo, there is no meal she sits facing the food throughout.  Put my camera to work one lunch out...

I'm under the table!

I'm a giant monster going to eat kakak!

I am the king of the jungle, roarrrr!

I can climb, and hang over the seat! See?

I can cross under the table to the other side!

Gngngngn.  At least she does eat better now.  And apparently she never does this kind of thing at my parents' house haha.


  1. haha how about school? does she feed herself now?

    1. and oh ya, the schedule for the winner seemed hectic too, so that was one reason not that keen to join too. I'm such a lazy mummy! :P

  2. JE is such a lively active girl. Not to worry, I believe she can't be still doing this when she grows older because I have never seen a teenager running about while eating in a restaurant.

  3. Some kids are just not good eaters. I guess this is just part of kids growing up for some.Ha ha...maybe JE knows mama more lenient la...

  4. Ai, she tells us she had THREE bowls of noodle or FOUR pieces of bun... I suspect she's discovering there's no way we can verify! I'd be happy if she finishes her own portion heh.

    Mun, yeah I often ask her to look around for people under the table or climbing up like she does. Obviously there never are. Not that it seems to deter her anyway.

    Nancy, good thing my mum doesn't stand this kind of nonsense!

    Irvine, there's such a thing as TOO active! Haha.