Monday, June 1, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

We wanted to take our mother out for Mother's day.  Sis suggested Awet Thai in Puchong.  That's rather far for me, so I suggested something in Ara Damansara.  Sis veto-ed that place.  Then bro suggested Awet Thai in Ara Damansara, apparently they opened a new outlet there.  Haha... sometimes life works out perfectly!

The food wasn't cheap, but we enjoyed it overall .  Let me try my hand at being a food blogger (with help from sis and SIL who hissed 'take photo!' at the right times)

Grilled cockles, mieng kam, baked crab and prawn. 

All dishes were good.  Crab and prawn dishes made up half the bill of the night.

Sizzling pork, paku salad, grilled wings and tom yam

Most of my family like 'paku' - I don't coz of the weird feeling on the tongue after 3 mouthfuls. Bto ordered a much bigger plate of paku after that.  That was fine, I saved my stomach for the yummy wings and tom yam. There were at least 4 other dishes totally disregarded by me - fail as food blogger!  Fine, I take pictures of people instead...

7 kids and 3 maids make up a full table of 10!

My best picture of the night (lighting was a bit dim):

Happy mother's/grandmother's day!


  1. What a lovely celebration for your mother's day with so many grandchildren.You are donig well as a food blogger with this post with many food photos. I like to eat mieng kam.

  2. Happy belated Mother's Day! What's paku?? Actually now I don't like to do food posts because that means I've to take time to take good photos first before eating.. but greedy me just wants to eat the food fast instead of snapping! :P

  3. A very nice Mother's day celebration as a big family. The food looks very yummy!

  4. Oh, I'm going to pinch some photos!! :-)

    This place can go again hor? (but pref w/o the prawns and crabs. heh)

  5. Mun, to get to this number of food photos, I had to be prompted half the time haha. I don't like mieng kam all that much but ok lah.

    Ai, oh sorry paku is fiddlehead fern.

    Nancy, food was pretty good! Hubby says too tasty/salty but he didn't take rice so partly his fault la.

    Y, the crabs were good la. Though yeah maybe not worth it at rm100+ for 2 crabs.

    Meitzeu, haha food's probably better at your side of the country!