Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fierce yet funny

My small girl is still fierce.  And generally does whatever she wants, turning a deaf ear to anyone telling or yelling at her to stop.  But she manages to be amusing and adorable at the same time. Noting down some incidences before they slip my mind altogether.

I cute...

SE the cute
SE: (wanting to attract my attention) Mummyy 
Me: I'm cooking. Go and play ok?
SE: But I cute... *blink blink

Now where did she learn to say that??

SE the doctor
Taking a stethoscope toy, she put the earpieces into her ears and the other part onto her own heart.
SE: I can hear my heartbeat. Hee hee hah hah. Hee hee hah hah.

OK me, I'd be flabbergasted if my heartbeat went like that...

Pschuuu pschoo... working my spells

Interactions with our maid...
SE the helpful (or not)
SE:  (seeing kakak weeding in the flower bed) Oh kakak ih tuck
Kakak: Su Ern come and help kakak ok?
SE: No me cannot help. Later we two also tuck.

Fine, there's a logic there!  If she goes to 'help' kakak she'd just be a nuisance.

SE the teacher
SE: Kakak Gen, thih one ih lello colour. Thih ih bue colour. I teek you. You mah learn ok? Mah learn.  (This one is yellow colour, this is blue colour.  I teach you, you must learn ok?)

Now, this phrase 'must learn' I know comes from my mother!  Generally used on the older kids.

SE the dismisser
SE: Kakak, juh now got ugh-ugh (poo-poo) come out. But, never mind.

Argh how to never mind when she's so smelly!

Take picture with this bear

Bear again! Take picture!

Aishh my fierce, funny, adorable child.


  1. Hahaha she sO cute la. sometimes dunno wanna laugh or not at the funny things she says

  2. Ya, she is so cute with her words and thinking. What is tuck? stuck?

  3. She's so adorable!! Yes yes must write down all these fast.. before you forget. My memory is really bad so I've to write down too.. but then sometimes I forget before I write down ahahaha

  4. adorable~ lil girls know how to make jokes are great. ~

  5. SK, ya loh. I end just mainly shaking my head!

    Mun yaya tuck = stuck. Her 's'-es are mostly missing.

    Ai, too true! I resolve to write it down and within a day am wondering what it is I wanted to write down.