Monday, June 29, 2015

JE and the bed

JE has been sleeping on her own mattress since 2010.  It was one lying around the house and is probably not a good one.  Lately she has been wanting to sleep on my bed. Which isn't good for me since SE is on my other side.  Both of them turn around a lot in sleep and I often end up with a foot dug in one side and a head dug into the other!

So I decided that a new mattress for JE was in order.  She said she wanted a soft bed like mine.

But when we went to shop, she chose an extremely-firm latex one.  I kept asking her and even dragged her to another shop to check out more options.  Nope, the kid was adamant.  I even said, we're not getting the cartoon bedsheet you know, just the bed.  And she said yes, she loves the bed. See, I have proof:

Ahh so nice this bed. I want this one.

This mattress was really hard.  Still, I did want a comfortable night's sleep and the kid wanted it, so fine we paid and arranged for delivery. End of story right?  But a few days later while waiting for delivery, I mentioned that her mattress was coming soon.  Her face fell.  She said she didn't like it, it's too HARD.  I said cannot change already, we already paid and this is expensive, and didn't I ask her many times whether she wanted that one and she said yes?  She went off to sob. Not wailing or making a fuss, just miserable sobbing.

What happened??  I did confirm we were not getting the bedsheet, just the bed.... OH-OH did she think we were getting the BED?  It was a rather nice bed, a red one with some steps to get up to it. Did I say 'bed' rather than 'mattress'??  Very possible, actually.  Coz we don't have beds proper, only mattresses. So to me, 'bed' is the same thing as 'mattress'.

When the mattress came, the poor kiddo went off to sob again.

Oh dear what to do.  I'm hoping she gets used to it.


  1. Oh dear.. hope she grows to like it. Or maybe SE will! :) I prefer hard mattress myself, but pillows must be kinda soft :P

  2. Oh dear....hope she had forgotten about that by now.

    I preferred matresses that is hard too

  3. Oh dear too. So does she sleep on it now without crying? Just wondering, where did you all shop for the bed?

  4. Hope by now JE is enjoying her new mattress.

  5. Hope by now JE is enjoying her new mattress.