Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ending and beginning

Just realised I don't have time to blog any more this week. My GST assignment is finally ending - can hardly believe it has been 10 months at this difficult project. For a start, the worksite is far from my house and I spent 3-4 hours daily on the road.  There were tons to do in the office and my work never seemed good enough.  What to do... people at the helm were career women who lived in the office! People who had no qualms having meetings at 7, 8, 9pm. Well I did have some highs.  But more lows.  I have been too stressed and tired out to plan holidays, read bedtime stories, spend time with the kiddos.  Time to start again.

Come Su Ern, I fix the zip for you. Mummy is busy

We went to Cameron Highlands recently during a break in my project.  Tomorrow we're off to Genting. :)

And I really must start trying out new dishes again.


  1. Yay! Good to hear you have completed the project and can put it behind you. Those career women do not have family?

    Enjoy yourselves in Genting! I am sure all of you will have a good time there.

  2. Genting? Sounds like a greta palce indeed...enjooy :)

  3. wow so many mountains. have a safe journey~!

  4. Happy for you that this difficult project is over. You're a fighter to stay even after all those lows.. here's to more fun time for yourself and the family!

  5. 3=4 hrs on the 1 hr on the road already wanna pengsan

    congratulation on sticking it out with the tough project

  6. Mun, those career women are unmarried heh.

    Indah, Genting is all right, it's near and weather is cool. Would be better once the theme park opens though.

    Irvine, yes mountain again. :)

    Ai and SK, had to stick it out since resigning wasn't quite a good option!

  7. After all the hard work, you deserve a good holiday to relax and enjoy with your family. Have a good holiday!