Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camerons Trip 2015

Now that my 9-month project is ending, finally had time for a trip. :)  This was 3d 2n in Camerons.

First up was the waterfalls halfway up the hill...

Greetings from Cameron Highlands!

JE took to it like a duck to water.  SE...  somehow got no legs when I tried to put her down.

No no no

Finally settled her down on a rock and slowly she began to enjoy herself.

JE: Love this place!
SE: Hmm maybe it's not so bad


It's the usual suspects when it comes to this place.  Next was the tea farm.

Now those are tea bushes

One for the album

Steamboat is always good in cold places!

We're having steamboat AGAIN

Fussypot SE walked around like this (covering her nose) saying 'No like the mell (smell)".  What to do, Camerons has lots of veg farms so lots of fertiliser used.  Smell included.

Butterfly farm... I generally avoid places with entrance fees coz with 3 adults and 2 kids, I might as well use the admission fare to buy something hehe.  But wanted to bring the kids for this since they'd never been.

There, there's a butterfly

Cactus farm,,,

Mummy, give me a coin!

Bought lots of strawberries, baby tomatoes and assorted vegetables.  It was a good holiday!  The girls loved the apartment too, called it 'our room'.  SE slept in the car on the way back from the waterfalls to our house.  When she opened her eyes, we were turning into our gate. Poor girl immediately started crying. "Why we come back home?  Our room is ok!  Our room is ok.... waaaaah".  Sat down at the doorway and refused to go into the house.  Heh at least that means she enjoyed our holiday too!


  1. SE is so cute! She thought you all moved to CH but good that it shows she really enjoyed staying there. Where did you all stay?

    The girls are so adorable with their cap/hat on in CH. Can see SE after a while also enjoyed the waterfall and is willing to step into the water. Very good family bonding time and there are some lovely family photos too.

  2. Nice.. it's been so many years since I've been to Camerons!

  3. aw.....she want to go Cameron some more ya. Me too. Lng time have not been there

  4. while reading i'm like ahhhhhhhh! The kids are adorable! :) Im happy that you have finally had your off and that you spent it with your fmily. :)

  5. Mun, stayed in Rose apartment right behind Kea farm. Nothing fancy - I don't want to pay through my nose for accommodation - but good enough.

    Ai and SK, time to plan another trip maybe? :)

    Steve, thanks. :)

  6. Yes, no need fancy, fancy to have a good time staying there like all of you did, especially SE. :)