Tuesday, May 5, 2015

City kid

This kiddo... is currently a city kid.  What she likes is sitting in front of the TV. Or go to air-conditioned malls - preferably sitting in a stroller pushed by kakak so she can travel in even more comfort.

When we say we're going to the market, she'd whine to stay home.  Her school trip is to a wildlife park and she doesn't want to go - said she doesn't want to WALK.

Yesterday we went plant-hunting at the nurseries. And sure enough, lots of complaints from this one. Must have heard 'I want to go hommmme', oh, 20 times?

It's so hot. I want to go home

Papa I want to go home

I'm not much of an outdoorsy person myself, but I do like plants and nature. It's so hard getting her out of the house. Oh, hubby isn't much help.  When I finally drag her outside, he will shout out "Eh come inside!  Got mosquitos. After get dengue then you know".  Sigh... how like that?


  1. Your kiddo (princess) is not used to outdoor life and the hot weather does not help too, can't blame her. Can see that she is sweating.

  2. Looks like she is more suited to live in a cooler climate country. Migrate to Australia?

  3. is she like that when she goes to the outdoor playgrounds too? I'm sure she'll love to play there! Bring her to more outdoor places where there's activities for her to do e.g. playground, beach, picnics then maybe she'll slowly get used to the heat and enjoy spending time outside.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Nancy, heh so she is, you're so observant!

    Mun haha let me consider!

    Ai, hmm no she likes playgrounds actually. Guess looking at various plants wasn't too interesting to her! I have a problem with outdoor activities like picnics coz hubby isn't into heat either.

  5. ooh my...My kids show the same symptoms...But it's pretty nice down here at this moment and winter has been long and tough so Bo et Obi really enjoy going out and running around ..at least for now..

  6. Lolboring for them la to see plants.
    Hey what plant do you managed to buy? Love to see. Must be nice ya

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  8. SK, bought adeniums again hehe. Already have 4 of the 5 colours we bought, but hubby says tired of waiting for them to grow so wanna buy bigger ones!