Monday, April 27, 2015

Piece of furniture

So there's this low table sitting in my kitchen. Hubby got it from one of his friends about 8 months back.  I didn't want it and was waiting for someone to take it. It has been quite useful though. The girls play masak-masak on it...

We're having a tea party! (Pic from 8 months ago)

Can sit on it like 'ah-pek'...

Eat my seaweed here

Can lounge on it any which way...

Lie down on front or back also can!

It's also useful to dump things on.  Think I'll be keeping it after all!


  1. Lovely pictures but I especially like the Ah Pek's!

  2. Keep la.. the girls seem to like it a lot! Suitable for their height too :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. That looks like a big nice table and it has proven to be very useful. Do keep it lah!

  4. Mun, I do have to walk ROUND it to get from point A to B!

  5. It looks nice though..perfect for masak-masakan :)..If Bo et Obi were around, they would have put all their toys on it :)