Monday, April 20, 2015


I'm not the type who wants nor expects kids to sit still.  I'd rather they are in motion, vs say being slumped in front of the TV.  But I recently noticed one thing - JE and SE can be TOO active. They're darting all over, climbing, picking things up, stepping on stuff, touching everything etc etc non-stop.

Took some pictures last weekend while waiting for our food to arrive.

This one is casting spells - "Turn mummy into a rabbit.... TING!", "Turn kakak into a frog... TING!", "Turn mummy back to mummy... TING!" and so on.  All the while scrambling up and down the seat.


This one is tearing up the napkins, here standing up showing off her new hat:

My new hat nice?

Here the big one is writing on everything available.  The small one is cooking - with tabasco sauce and chilli flakes.
We are a writer and a cook

They were also climbing onto and off the seats, going under the table, walking to the next tables.  And nope, they didn't seem to hear my instructions to sit down and keep quiet. 

As always, I was glancing at them every few seconds worrying they'd hurt themselves or break something. 

Today is Monday... and while one part of me regretted having to leave them in the morning, the other was happy to scuttle off gratefully to the office. 


  1. Most mothers miss their kids while they are away but when with kid for too long, they want to get away for a breather to regain energy and peace.

  2. Active is good, can burn off energy but need to be careful in restaurants, may have hot water or hot food around. Do they like to run about in the fields?

  3. if they sit the quiet queit the you baru have to worry leh. Now running here and there good leh :)

  4. Mondays are the worst for me too.. hate returning back to work but yes, it can be a breather from our very active kids!