Friday, April 17, 2015


This one doesn't have the marks of a top scholar material (yet? heh). She usually has daily homework from kindy. Homework isn't much but it takes a LONG time to complete because she would:

1. Stare at the paper without doing anything
2. Write 2 things and then use the pencil to scratch herself
3. Write 2 things and erase 1 of them
4. Fiddle with pencil, eraser, book etc
5. Go off to do something else
6. Whine "I'm tired" halfway through
7. Whine "So hard" most of the way through

Aish. What looks like a 10-min job to me is still incomplete after 30mins. The whole homework process drags out and is frustrating for both her and me. Luckily my mother takes care of her homework most days. And luckily she's not homeschooled. *phew phew phew*.

So tired.....


  1. Maybe JE is just bored with the homework, right? So boring la!!! What says grandma when she is with her?

  2. Lucky for JE her mommy is not a tiger mom so she put on a nice pose for mommy when she is tired from doing homework.

  3. But good that she's forming the habit of doing daily revision now.. if not they will have such a huge culture shock when they enter primary school I feel!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Nancy, grandma also says she complains 'so hard'! Dunno if she's up to the same shenanigans, I suspect it's less.

    Mun, no la she was rolling around on the floor instead of doing homework. I beh tahan and went for my camera. :)

    Ai, yeah primary school homework will be way more.

  5. if home schooled...vomit blood lor you...

    2x5 like j la.....very slow to do h/w .

    but am thankful also la. his kindy gave a lot of h/w. Now he is in primary school. so the /w to him is like easy lo...not as much as the kindy

  6. SK, if I'm the one homeschooling ar, I will run back to the working world and work for peanuts. At least get my sanity back!