Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Verbal fight

Recent conversation in the car....

SE:  Papa... want pink sweet
Hubby:  Don't have pink sweet. Only have M&M
SE:  Got... papa got pink sweet
Hubby:  No more, don't have already

This went on a few rounds with SE insisting hubby still had pink sweets around.

JE: *suddenly jumping in*  People who cannot listen have no brain

I just bought a look-inside book featuring the body. Worth my money already, so now she knows what a brain is. :)

SE:  Got! Got brain. See?  *points to own head*
SE: *then deciding to attack instead* You, you have no brain
JE:  Got! My brain inside here  *points to own head*
SE:  No! Don't have brain inside. Got HAIR only

HAHAHAHA. I don't think she meant to be sarcastic, but it sure sounded like it.  Ah my two little monsters. I'm sure more such verbal fights are coming.

Monsters we are!


  1. Ha Ha...these are two cute pretty monsters. As they grow, life for you will be more interesting, Stacy.

  2. SE talks really well and she is not even 3 years old yet.

  3. they have really clever comebacks! :)

  4. Nancy, I'm wondering if it might get TOO interesting...

    Mun, SE doesn't even pronounce properly... but I'm surprised what she says sometimes!

    SK, no memang no more pink sweets haha.

    Ai, dunno whether meant to be comeback or just innocent chatter!