Thursday, April 23, 2015

No 'S' yet for SE

JE used to have a problem pronouncing the letter 'S'.  SE has it too, but she compensates in a different way.  The ones at the beginning of words are fine, like her name.  Those elsewhere are all missing.

Like she would say, 'Where ih me? I think... I at my how. There ih tair-cayh.' (Where is me? I think, I at my house. There is the staircase).

Pointing to a colouring picture:  "Thih one Jojo help me colour.  But the fayh not naih, coh, I colour the fayh" (This one Jojo help me colour.  But the face not nice, coz, I colour the face"

Wonder when the 'S's would be in!

Make naih fayh for photo


  1. I really enjoyed this post, you make me smile. SE sure is so cute...hahaha

  2. Do you practise with her to pronounce them properly?

  3. soon soon. My son also like that last time. Now okay a bit la

    Pss pss...tarak your email.. wanna tell you...bring the kids to the EnerZ Extreme park in USJ. They having trial class for kids. RM30 only.

    They invited J to go last week. he went and I saw the way the teacher Tamilselvi teach very good leh.

  4. Does she has a short tongue? A speech pathologists should be able to find it out.

  5. JE is ok with S now? Perhaps SE will too in time to come.

  6. Nancy, thanks!

    Ai, no I am not trying to change her at all hehe.

    SK, kcantares and Mun, I expect she'll be fine in time. Especially since didn't do anything with JE and eventually she got it right.