Thursday, June 13, 2013

'S's are in!

 RaindropS keep falling on my head...

JE had a pronounced lisp when she started talking.  She'd say 'in-chide/out-chide/back-chide' for inside/outside/backside.  She'd ask for 'chup' instead of soup and 'choy chosh' instead of soy sauce (not that she gets this one).  It could be hard to understand her when she was making a sentence which happened to include a lot of the letter 'S'.  Like, 'Thee chaw-chage ee chawty' for This sausage is salty.

When my father had a knee problem and had to inch slowly upstairs, she informed me, 'Jo Ern walk fah-fah, Ah Kong walk cho-cho' (JE walk fast-fast, Ah Kong walk slow-slow).  And SE has been 'Chu Ern' since she was born!

It was hard to teach her new words when she couldn't differentiate 'S' from 'F' from 'CH'.  So it's a good thing that her 'S's are in.  They crept in slowly without us doing anything. Phew!

Big umbrella for big girlS

Ow..  it iS Stuck to my hair


  1. oh... that's really a HUGE umbrella.

  2. yeah hor, didn't realise when the "s" came in. Nowadays, I can understand what she says. Was totally clueless about the "walk cho cho, walk fah fah" part last time. he he.

  3. Cat, the plant nursery's resident cat jumped on that umbrella shortly after that and broke one spoke. RIP huge umbrella haha.

    Y, yeah her words are much clearer now!

  4. Did JE just have a haircuut there??? Cute.

  5. Leona, yeah finally! JE's fringe was almost poking her eyes.