Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hobby: Lego

It all started when I wanted to buy a birthday present for my nephew Justin.  Not knowing what a 7yo would like, I asked and got the answer... Lego!  So I looked at Lego. After buying his present, I continued looking.  Then I bought one set, then another and another.  For my girls to play with next time. For now, all mine.  :)

All mummy's! For now anyway.

The sets sat in the storeroom untouched for some time. Then one day I took annual leave and finally had time to open one set. It has been donkey's years since I'd built with Lego and I had fun, chuckling to myself occasionally.  One thing, I'd forgotten the pieces were so SMALL. Good thing my girls were at my parents' place - I happily spread everything on the floor without worrying anyone was going to eat a piece or put one in the nose.

2.5 hours later, my house was built. To my surprise, JE has been rather interested in it - opening the windows and doors, pushing the lawnmower around. Being a clumsy and inquisitive toddler though, she has to keep fiddling with parts and going 'Oh-oh!' when something inevitably dropped off.

I like this apple tree house!

I enjoyed myself so much I opened up another box the next day and built a second house.

Mummy, this house for me ok?

Trying to stop myself from buying more Lego now hehe. I have only bought 2 more sets since the first pic. 


  1. oh oh... the lego addiction is stuck now... hard to stop right. i have to stop, no more money n biz case not approve, can't get budget. anyway been busy n lack of sleep. n i am thinking of starting a blog on my journey as a mother.

  2. Well I'm my own financial controller. But a strict one :) Actually I bought online coz thot cheap. Then last weekend saw Jusco having 10% off and my smaller sets are actually that price only. Guess more worth getting the big ones.

    On that blog... just do it!

  3. He he, so cool that u found a new passion. I love Lego too. But those creator house sets r pricey, I still can't myself to buy those yet. And the creator series r the most fun n worth it. I can see a future post fr u abt legoland soon.

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  5. Leona, I like Creator precisely bcoz of the longer entertainment value. But the hard part is dismantling in order to build the next model. A bit heartpain to destroy! About the price, I'm thinking that IF kept properly without losing pieces, these Lego sets are timeless. Envisioning sessions of bonding building together with the kids and later on, the kids building by themselves and giving me me-time. :)

    Err not into Legoland at the mo.

  6. all so fun! it's been ages since I play with the tiny sized lego.. most of what we have at home are the Duplo sizes for Pumpkin. Hubby still likes to make stuff with Lego though. Very cute. He made a house for our hamster once heh

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Ai, hope hamster appreciated his Lego house and didn't poo-poo in there!