Monday, July 1, 2013

Su Ern 'talking'

Su Ern's favourite word is 'Ah!'.  Usually used twice as in 'Ah! Ah!'. She'd use it to greet people passing by.  Also when holding objects up to her ear. 

Wait ah, I am on the phone

Another word is 'Nah!' accompanied by holding out an object. You are expected to take the object or she'd continue going 'Nah!' at you. :)

Nah! Take this. Take it. TAKE!

Recently she learnt to say 'Buh bye!' while waving her wrist. She'd be so proud of herself, she'd smile and smile after that. (My mother likes teaching the kids to say bye-bye!).

And her latest word is... 'NO!' which sounds more like 'Ner!'.  Ask her to come here, give you something and she'd go 'Ner!' with a big smile. Sometimes she'd say 'Ner ner!' and wave a finger. And smile until you cannot see her eyes.

Give you the remote? Noo! Hehehee.

Little kids starting to speak are so cute!


  1. yes so cute!! are you taking videos?? you should! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, I do! But somehow when I'm taking videos, she doesn't do what I want her to haha. Usually she'll crawl over to me and the video will mostly contain close-ups of her head. :)