Thursday, July 4, 2013


This Sweet Cherry stroller used to be JE's.  Until now she fights to sit in it. If SE is sleeping, JE will let her take the stroller. If not, JE will happily announce, 'Chu Ern ee not cheeping!' (ok now that her S's are in, she says 'Su Ern is not sleeping!') and request to sit in the stroller.

It's not convenient to carry SE all the time. Now that she is bigger, we can put both girls in, for a short while. :)

Position 1:
JE happy as she gets to lie down
SE happy but in danger of falling off

Position 2:
SE happy and safe
JE safe but not happy, wants to lie down 

This stroller is a big stable one that adjusts for different ages. But it's heavy to carry and cumbersome to push as its big wheels get caught everywhere when manoeuvering round tight places. We bought a Silver Cross stroller which is smaller and lighter.  The kids don't look comfy in it though.

Poor me don't like this stroller

So the old stroller still gets its days out. :)

We choose this one!


  1. we hardly use our stroller nowadays except during travel because it's easier to bring it around for Lil Pumpkin's naps and our shopping bags ahahahah.. hardly use our Combi pram although it's much comfier. do you have a standing board for JE to use with the stroller too?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, standing board no leh. The kid has to stand on that so not that useful for a tired/sleepy one right?