Monday, July 22, 2013


Last weekend we drove to Nilai to look at some land. Hubby's friend bought a few plots and invited interested parties to go take a look as there are more for sale. I thought I'd be looking at roads and various facilities... what else is there to see? :p  It turned out to be plots of land at Planter's Haven for building houses! There are communal facilities - fishing ponds and a clubhouse. Not that these will be in heavy use as I see some houses having their own swimming pool.

SE was fast asleep when we arrived...

Papa, Mummy, Jo Ern and Su Ern

Mature durian trees were fruiting away. They're everywhere, so you'd definitely get some trees for your very own if you buy a plot of land.

So... a whole acre or so for an affordable price to build your own bungalow (land+bungalow being the equivalent of just TWO average terrace houses in KL)? With durian trees? And plenty of space for the kids to run around in? Sigh. Except that I can't be driving that far every day to work. And who is going to clean such a big house?? Ya, you don't HAVE to build a huge house... but then what's the point?? Haha.

This (half-built) house could be mine! I dowan only... 

It was a good day out anyway - a change of scene and some fresh air for the kids.

Are we going to live here, Mummy?
Nah. Mummy prefers our present house


  1. if you buy the place then don't need to work.. just enjoy life (and clean your big house) heehee. The place looks very peaceful..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. So nice....just imagine durians fresh from your garden! Ahhhh what a life!

  3. go buy.... then I can go on weekends ;-)

  4. Ai, yeah I'd be spending my days cleaning the big house! NOT my idea of retirement haha.

    Juana... I think just buy the durians easier. :)

    Yuen, YOU buy and I go visit. :p