Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I bought Ribena after she requested it, figuring it would be a good way to get her to drink more. Some days she doesn't drink much liquids.

Monday morning...
Me: What do you want to drink?
JE (excitedly) : Ribena!
Me: Ribena not for breakfast la. Got packet milk (fresh), your milk (s-26) or yogurt (Yakult).
JE: Ok.... yogurt.

Monday night:
Me: I make your milk for you ok?
JE:  No, I want Ribena!
Me: At night cannot drink Ribena. How about cold packet milk?
JE: Mmm... ok.

Tuesday:  Repeat both conversations.
Wednesday: Repeat both conversations.  But after Conversation 2, suddenly she piped up:

JE: EVERY TIME also cannot drink Ribena.

This mummy ahh....

Hahaha poor kiddo!


  1. Ai, yep she has to wait for the weekend afternoons. Then again we go out a lot on weekends so there goes Ribena time!

  2. JE looks like u in that pic...

  3. Leona, must be the narrowed eyes heh.