Monday, April 27, 2015

Piece of furniture

So there's this low table sitting in my kitchen. Hubby got it from one of his friends about 8 months back.  I didn't want it and was waiting for someone to take it. It has been quite useful though. The girls play masak-masak on it...

We're having a tea party! (Pic from 8 months ago)

Can sit on it like 'ah-pek'...

Eat my seaweed here

Can lounge on it any which way...

Lie down on front or back also can!

It's also useful to dump things on.  Think I'll be keeping it after all!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

No 'S' yet for SE

JE used to have a problem pronouncing the letter 'S'.  SE has it too, but she compensates in a different way.  The ones at the beginning of words are fine, like her name.  Those elsewhere are all missing.

Like she would say, 'Where ih me? I think... I at my how. There ih tair-cayh.' (Where is me? I think, I at my house. There is the staircase).

Pointing to a colouring picture:  "Thih one Jojo help me colour.  But the fayh not naih, coh, I colour the fayh" (This one Jojo help me colour.  But the face not nice, coz, I colour the face"

Wonder when the 'S's would be in!

Make naih fayh for photo

Monday, April 20, 2015


I'm not the type who wants nor expects kids to sit still.  I'd rather they are in motion, vs say being slumped in front of the TV.  But I recently noticed one thing - JE and SE can be TOO active. They're darting all over, climbing, picking things up, stepping on stuff, touching everything etc etc non-stop.

Took some pictures last weekend while waiting for our food to arrive.

This one is casting spells - "Turn mummy into a rabbit.... TING!", "Turn kakak into a frog... TING!", "Turn mummy back to mummy... TING!" and so on.  All the while scrambling up and down the seat.


This one is tearing up the napkins, here standing up showing off her new hat:

My new hat nice?

Here the big one is writing on everything available.  The small one is cooking - with tabasco sauce and chilli flakes.
We are a writer and a cook

They were also climbing onto and off the seats, going under the table, walking to the next tables.  And nope, they didn't seem to hear my instructions to sit down and keep quiet. 

As always, I was glancing at them every few seconds worrying they'd hurt themselves or break something. 

Today is Monday... and while one part of me regretted having to leave them in the morning, the other was happy to scuttle off gratefully to the office. 

Friday, April 17, 2015


This one doesn't have the marks of a top scholar material (yet? heh). She usually has daily homework from kindy. Homework isn't much but it takes a LONG time to complete because she would:

1. Stare at the paper without doing anything
2. Write 2 things and then use the pencil to scratch herself
3. Write 2 things and erase 1 of them
4. Fiddle with pencil, eraser, book etc
5. Go off to do something else
6. Whine "I'm tired" halfway through
7. Whine "So hard" most of the way through

Aish. What looks like a 10-min job to me is still incomplete after 30mins. The whole homework process drags out and is frustrating for both her and me. Luckily my mother takes care of her homework most days. And luckily she's not homeschooled. *phew phew phew*.

So tired.....

Monday, April 13, 2015

Watching mall TV

In shopping malls, I used to marvel at the crowd in front of TV screens showing random movies.  I just assumed they were killing time while waiting for someone. Then I met hubby.  And yes, he is the type who would happily fold his arms in front of such screens and be ready to stand there for ages!  Never mind whether he has already seen the movie.  Never mind that he actually OWNS that movie. Oh well, whatever makes him happy.

Then the two little ones came along.  And now...

Watch watch watch

Watch watch watch

Watch watch watch

Comment a bit

Watch watch watch

Hmm.  Never knew it was a hereditary gene.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Verbal fight

Recent conversation in the car....

SE:  Papa... want pink sweet
Hubby:  Don't have pink sweet. Only have M&M
SE:  Got... papa got pink sweet
Hubby:  No more, don't have already

This went on a few rounds with SE insisting hubby still had pink sweets around.

JE: *suddenly jumping in*  People who cannot listen have no brain

I just bought a look-inside book featuring the body. Worth my money already, so now she knows what a brain is. :)

SE:  Got! Got brain. See?  *points to own head*
SE: *then deciding to attack instead* You, you have no brain
JE:  Got! My brain inside here  *points to own head*
SE:  No! Don't have brain inside. Got HAIR only

HAHAHAHA. I don't think she meant to be sarcastic, but it sure sounded like it.  Ah my two little monsters. I'm sure more such verbal fights are coming.

Monsters we are!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Jo Ern is 5!

Like my pretty dress?

Jo Ern is 5 today!  As I go about my tasks in the office today, I keep thinking - wow, my precious girl has been in my life for 5 years now! 

So this year she has already started kindy. Which means party packs to prepare! Little busybody woke up before I was done...

Look at all this goodies, heh heh

She started standing all the small jellies up.   Then she moved things around. Had to remove her when she got onto the table to reach the further ones and almost stepped on something. Then I had to count again and make sure everything was correct, aiyo.

All done!

JE chose a Barbie cake for school and a princess cake for home.

Barbie on the cake

Sun night we had a family celebration at home. Had a similar issue to her 1yo birthday celebration as Ah Mah/Ah Kong went to Taiping and got stuck here and there.  My bro had to go home early while my sis arrived late (as usual hehe). But finally everyone turned up, which is the important thing!

Two princesses on the cake, two princesses behind

One for the album

Happy birthday to my big girl!

NB: I still don't have a camera. The last pic is from hubby's iPhone6. The crappy ones are from mine.