Monday, April 6, 2015

Jo Ern is 5!

Like my pretty dress?

Jo Ern is 5 today!  As I go about my tasks in the office today, I keep thinking - wow, my precious girl has been in my life for 5 years now! 

So this year she has already started kindy. Which means party packs to prepare! Little busybody woke up before I was done...

Look at all this goodies, heh heh

She started standing all the small jellies up.   Then she moved things around. Had to remove her when she got onto the table to reach the further ones and almost stepped on something. Then I had to count again and make sure everything was correct, aiyo.

All done!

JE chose a Barbie cake for school and a princess cake for home.

Barbie on the cake

Sun night we had a family celebration at home. Had a similar issue to her 1yo birthday celebration as Ah Mah/Ah Kong went to Taiping and got stuck here and there.  My bro had to go home early while my sis arrived late (as usual hehe). But finally everyone turned up, which is the important thing!

Two princesses on the cake, two princesses behind

One for the album

Happy birthday to my big girl!

NB: I still don't have a camera. The last pic is from hubby's iPhone6. The crappy ones are from mine. 


  1. Happy birthday dear sweet, lovely princess JE. You are growing into a beautiful young lady and auntie wish you all the best.

  2. Happy Birthday to JE! She poses so prettily for the camera now. No more shy shy.

  3. Nancy, thanks so much. :)

    Mun, yeah she's over the shy phase now!

  4. Nice birthday celebration! Girls surely love birthday cakes and princesses! It must have been fun and tiring planning for it...but at the end of the day , to see such joy and smiles from the little ones is priceless!
    Happy birthday, JE!!!

  5. Leona, you always hit the nail on the head! I WAS tired out even though I didn't do that much haha.

  6. Happy belated birthday JE!! Wow can't believe that you are 5 already!!