Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hobby: Desert roses

We have been out to the plant nurseries. Well actually a single nursery, the only one that specialises in desert roses. And most times, we come home with a full car load!  There will be plants, pots, soil and fertiliser bags.

That's my car. Hubby's car cannot carry plants one. Or durian. 

Heh, hubby doesn't do things by halves! But I admit it's quite fun looking for pretty flowers and deciding which ones to buy. And it's a change from going to the malls. JE gets to wander up and down the numerous plant aisles and SE gets to be carried the whole time, everyone's happy.

Arrange some here and take photo. 
(Hanging are orchids from hubby's previous garden craze)

A selection of the blooms we have now:

Pretty, pretty flowers

We have way more plants, but most are small and will take time to flower.  Not a cheap hobby... the smallest ones cost RM16 each, next size up (not very much bigger) RM25 and mid-sized ones are RM55.  There are very nice big plants with plenty of flowers but those are really expensive. Will just wait for these babies to grow!

(And yes, I do know the sap from these plants are toxic. Gotta watch the kids around them)


  1. oh they are so beautiful! so nice to have a big space to garden and tend to them... the kids must be so happy too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, most space takes more time to maintain. ;)