Monday, June 24, 2013

Two birthdays

We attended two birthdays last weekend.  The first was for MIL, who turned 90 years old. I hardly mention this other grandmother of JE and SE even though we visit once a week and stay practically the whole day each time. She isn't a kid person. She addresses JE mainly to tell her not to play with things, not to go there, not to take this, not to touch that. Could a 3yo possibly sit with her arms at the side, for hours?  Luckily MIL speaks Cantonese and JE speaks only English for now, so most times JE doesn't understand her. I don't bother to translate, heh.  And I'm glad she's not the one taking care of my kids!

Lunch was a grand affair at Ah Yat restaurant costing over RM1k a table. *pockets feel very light now*

Take photo with Mah Mah's cake

The second birthday celebration was for 2-year old Erin. That's an 88-year gap compared to our first birthday girl!

Take photo with Erin's cake

I made a point of taking photos of the cakes for JE.  She didn't want to take photos at MIL's do but condescended to take a photo together with the cake. She likes reciting who had what cake for their birthday. So this time Mah Mah had a yam cake and Erin an "Emm Emm" (M&M) cake.

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  1. happy birthday to both of them! can't believe Erin is 2 already!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka