Sunday, June 9, 2013

Paedi visit for SE

Took Su Ern to the paedi for jabs last weekend.  When JE was this age, we'd already brought her to the doctor 4 times... the first as we were worried that she wasn't drinking milk, the second (picked up useful info on dealing with fever in kids) and third for a fever, the fourth for fever again.  Partly because SE didn't get sick as much and partly because we learnt from experience with JE.

What is the doctor going to do to me?

She had the 4-in-1 jab for measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. The nurse distracted her with a toy and she didn't even flinch when the jab went in!

Paedi said she looked yellow. It's not jaundice - she said when you see beautiful whites in the eyes, it can't be. :)  It's just mummy going overboard with coloured foods again - pumpkin, sweet potato, beet and carrot. Paedi said that's actually fine, but I think I'll scale down a bit. Don't want my poor SE going around looking like a yellow teletubby. Heh.

Her weight at 8.5kg is below average though.  All right then, looks like it's time to start pumping up little SE!  I've been very focused on stuffing more calories into JE. That takes time as JE doesn't like eating very much and will run away/cry/adopt funny postures which doesn't give access to her mouth.  But SE... this one does like to eat.

Sooo... do I get more yummy food? Do I?

All right then... let's get to work... *rubs hands together*. Last weekend I gave her cheese, egg, bread-sticks, cornflakes and organic puffs as snacks.  All were happily finished. :)

I have teeth already! OK, one tooth. Still counts.

Oh, and she's no longer toothless. One finally came out at the bottom! 


  1. never realise she's yellow but then looking at the pix in ur post she does look yellow. wonder if it's a psychological thing. haha... SE has been small from the beginning - petite. u can fatten her up but will she get out of proportion coz then she will look short n round. currently she looks ok to me.

  2. Oh no...... u going to start force feeding again?? ;-)

  3. Cat, Mama mentioned she looked yellow last week. So this paedi visit was good timing. :) SE is bigger than JE and I kinda didn't want her to overtake the jie-jie. But no point holding her back and I also notice other babies are bigger than her. I think quite far to go before she gets too fat.

    Y, it's ok, this one actually LIKES food haha.