Monday, June 17, 2013

I scream

Last weekend, SE didn't finish her baby food.  It's a first for this baby who has chomped down almost everything happily since she started solids. She clammed up and looked up or away when offered her food. When repeatedly offered the same thing, what happened was...

My food is not nice!

I cannot eat it! Take it away!

What could be the problem?  Maybe she's teething?  But baby food doesn't need chewing.  Maybe she's not well?  She has no fever and seems active as normal.  Maybe it's time to add seasoning to her food?  Or just maybe, the cause of the problem was something else...

Hubby: Nah, papa give you something to eat

Notice what hubby is holding behind the wine glass (circled area). That is not her Avent container of baby food but... Haagen Dazs ice cream!

Heyyy, this is delicious. Mmm-mmmm

Haagen Dazs (cookies n cream) vs blended baby food (without seasoning)?  No contest.

No bland baby food please. I want ice cream!

She didn't totally go hungry.  At dinner she pulled apart our potato wedges and spread them on the table. Then she started putting them in her mouth. After a while I noticed there really wasn't much potato on the table, even piecing together the dismembered parts. Wedges are pretty salty and I suppose they met her newly-elevated standards!  Need I start adding seasoning to her food?  Will wait and see how the next few meals are received.


  1. hehe. Smart girl! I choose Haagen Dazs too :)

  2. she have taste. there are some food that she dun like that i see her blowing it out of her mouth. hehe...

  3. try more variety. no seasoning.
    do smoothies (got ice ma). maybe she will like it chilled!

  4. Y, H.Dazs for lunch and dinner? There goes your diet. :p

    Cat, yeah this one is quite sure what she likes and what she doesn't!

    Rach, she accepted her meals after we came back from Genting. So she doesn't get seasoning yet! I always worry ice will blunt my blender blades..

  5. So u mean that SE was yearning for the HD ice cream after that one time she had??? Ah yo yo...that is a huge wail !

  6. haha once they start, it's hard to stop! ;p guess can put more flavours in her food now but as natural as possible?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Leona, been letting her try this and that since she is over 1yo. Obviously most things are yummier than bland baby food. :)

    Ai, not putting seasoning yet. She eats her food but looks longingly at what others are eating!