Wednesday, May 27, 2015

JE's first school trip

JE's kindy was arranging a field trip to Sunway Wildlife park.  JE didn't want to go, said she didn't want to WALK.  I asked her multiple times to make sure.  Then since she never wavered, I figured it was fine for her to skip the trip.  Maybe she doesn't have friends she'd like to spend the day with. And apparently a number of her classmates weren't going either. We could always visit such places ourselves and I was secretly relieved not to have to worry about her safety.  This girl likes to wander off alone and I wasn't sure teachers would be able to keep tabs on her when me, hubby and maid also sometimes cannot.

Then a few days before the trip (deadline to reply way past), kindy called me to enquire if JE wanted to go as ALL her classmates were going!  So pressured her again and convinced her to say yes.

The day of the trip, I tried not to think too much whether she was ok.  Hubby went to pick her up from kindy at the stipulated time and had to go home again as the bus hadn't arrived.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that the reason for the delay WASN'T because something had happened to JE!

Then after she was safely in hubby's car, she said... "I said I didn't want to go on the school trip.  But it was..... AWESOME! (flinging both arms up)"  Haha great.  And phewww that everything turned out fine!

Received the photos and I experienced another first.... how to differentiate my child from other similarly-dressed, similar-sized kids!  One grouch:  There were so many photos of OTHER kids haha. Obviously when I take photos, I only focus on my own kids!  The only decent photos of her are here below (excepting one with a snake. I declare this blog a snake-free zone).

JE is crouching in front...

In the bus

Rabbits! I love rabbits!

Lunch, yumm

Here's to the next school trip!


  1. What a fun time for the kids! Ah ha! I think I spotted JE in the group she 2nd from the left? She is having fun feeding the rabbits. Must be very hungry after all the fun....

  2. Looks fun actually! Sometimes I prefer my girl not to go for these field trips too as they always come back soooo tired and sometimes i feel the same way as you - that I can bring her myself too.

    But hard to resist when most of her classmates are going and the sch will even call me to say that she really wants to join in! So if I really don't want her to go, I'd just let her miss sch to prevent her from feeling "left out". :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Aha, I hope this school trip has changed her view about walking and hot sun for outings since she enjoyed this trip so much! Kudos to you too for not worrying too much and let her go with the school.

  4. Nancy, you have sharp eyes! Yes that's her. :) I must ask if she finished that burger or not.

    Ai, no classes that day anyway since teachers were involved in the trip. This place I wasn't keen to go since a snake figured prominently on the posters. I am so NOT a snake lover.

    Mun, yeah she will have to get used to life without a stroller around! In malls she wants to sit in that stroller to get from place to place.