Thursday, May 14, 2015


We think SE might grow up to be a lawyer.

Incident 1
(SE had her finger in her mouth)
Ah Mah: Su Ern, don't put your finger in the mouth
SE moves the finger a little.
SE: I am not putting finger in the mouth. I am putting finger on my LIP.

I am innocent of all charges

Incident 2
(SE likes to press the power button on my notebook. Which obviously turns the thing off)
Me: Su Ern! Don't press that button!
SE moves her finger to hover an inch above the button
SE: I am not touching. See?  See?

Whatever you say cannot be used against me

Incident 3
(SE moves from chair to sit on the dining table)
Ah Kim: Cannot sit on the table
SE stands up, puts the back of her hand against her backside and sits down again on the table.
SE: I am not sitting on the table. I am sitting on my HAND.


There are numerous other such incidents.  She might be a lawyer.  But she definitely will be adding white hairs to my head!


  1. Stacy, I would say SE is so cute and cheeky and smart too! I like the last photo lol!

  2. SE is one smart girl! May she become a lawyer one day but not turn mommy's hair into white.

  3. She is so witty! Lawyers good right.. earn a good living :P

  4. got talent wor....either lawyer or doctor