Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Who's smelly?

Normally that would be SE, sigh.  It has been half a year since we tried to potty-train. And gave up. She still poo-poos very frequently - up to 5 times a day.  This reduces if we go out though - maybe just 2 times.

I'm pretty sure she's ready now.  Coz she goes and hides when she needs to do her smelly business! Behind curtains, in corners, in gaps between furniture...

Hello who is that??

Why are you hiding?

Su Ern... why are you squatting in the corner?

What normally happens next is, someone starts sniffing the air.  A bad smell is there. Ask SE, "how come so smelly, did you ugh-ugh (poo-poo)?"  She will answer, "I don't want to tell you.  I also don't want to tell kakak anything".  Hehe.

Bought training pants for her already.  So far she has managed to poo-poo once in the toilet bowl, and pee-pee once in the potty.  That was a few days ago... the last few days weren't convenient for potty-training.

OK, bracing for "accidents"... bring it on!


  1. Looks like she needs more time for potty training. Ha ha the first photo of SE hiding her face behind the cushion is so cute!

  2. SE can do it! in the potty!

  3. Nancy, she hides behind the curtains, in corners... haha.

    Mun, progress not good so far. I am going to implement reward system, maybe that will help.