Monday, November 17, 2014

On Hold

... one goal each for the girls.

For JE, it's on finishing meals within half an hour.  Started this 'program' 3.4 months ago where she receives a star every time she succeeds and redeems a toy after accumulating a prerequisite number of stars.  Three redemptions later though, she needs to be rushed in order to succeed.  It's very strange - much as she obviously wants that star, she is incapable of putting food into her mouth. She wriggles, talks, looks at the TV (it's only turned on at 8pm for the news and everyone else would have finished dinner by then) or just sits there.  I figured that spoonfeeding her and exhorting her to eat/chew/swallow faster faster! is besides the point of the whole exercise. So, on hold for now.

For SE, it's potty training. Tried her diaper-free while taking her to the potty periodically.  But after two weeks, she'd never done anything on the potty.  After taking her diaper off, it was wait until the first pee or poo where she just lets go (and goes about her activities as usual!). Clean up, and repeat. Since this seemed pointless as well, on hold also.

I guess it's ok to wait a while until they're ready.

Let's test mummy's patience.... hehehe



  1. JE is not hungry I guess. SE is not ready yet so mommy has to be patient! :)

  2. i think just let it be for the moment.

    j was the same. First time attempt , he was same as SE. Give up.

    A few months later, he automaticly go to toilet by himself. he didnt really use potty for long. few times only then sibuk wanna follow adult use the toilet

  3. Mun, JE does that at 90% of meals! SE.. yeah what to do.

    SK, ok la hopefully SE will do something like this. In the NEAR future!

  4. I'm still struggling with her eating speed too!! still have one year to work on this before she goes P1 :P

  5. Ai, JE easily takes an hour, even with 'cheerleaders' asking her to eat faster!