Thursday, November 27, 2014

Yes or no? Yes or no?

Sometimes the kids have incessant questions, sometimes we are busy with something else, sometimes we haven't decided, sometimes we don't quite know how to answer, sometimes we are just not in the mood to answer incessant questions.  So we answer with a non-committal 'Mmmm' (volume rising to 'MMMMM!!' according to level of irritation hehe).  These kids don't accept 'Mmmm's though. JE would go, 'Yes? Yes or no?' and repeats until she gets either one.

Yes? I can continue playing on this? Yes?

SE is starting as well.  SHE says 'Ye? Ye or no?' as she cannot pronounce 'S' yet.

Ye? I can order what I like? Ye or no?

What to do... have to answer properly or they won't stop asking!


  1. That's very true with Lil Pumpkin too!! She must have a very explicit answer before she gives up haha.

  2. Just answer yes or no lah but cannot simply answer without listening to the question or else you may be saying yes to playing ipad or eating ice cream all the time. :)

  3. Ai, they have all the time in the world to ask and ask!

    Mun, sometimes I will randomly pick one answer! Coz often it's not a straightforward request but a rambling commentary-cum-question. While I'm trying to carry on a conversation with hubby.

  4. i also have no idea. sometimes also blur sotong how to answer them . they just dont give up hor...