Friday, November 7, 2014

iPad holder

Why buy a purpose-built iPad holder? When your legs are short, they function as a very nice holder. I'm amused when I come downstairs and all I see of SE is her head, iPad and little feet. Arial view:

Feet tucked neatly together

See? Just nice!

*Tap slide tap*


  1. Works well when the legs are longer too.. As much as I try to get her to use the iPad holder so that it's properly distanced from her eyes, sometimes she just likes to bend her knees and prop the iPad up on her legs haha.

    Regarding the crafts, her drawings I will rotate but her crafts are usually displayed because I don't want to "destroy" them by bending them or keeping in a box :P

  2. LOL...good wor...she still young . If old lady like me sure backache liao

  3. Ai, true on bending the legs!

    SK, haha ya la hor.

  4. SE looks so pro using the iPad. So iPad holder must touch both feet together to prevent the iPad from sliding down?