Wednesday, November 19, 2014


There are of course all kinds of businesses targeted at kids - craft classes, coin-operated rides, kidzania, pay-per-entry kid zones etc. Sometimes gotta rest the pocket.  My kiddos are young enough to enjoy messing around with stuff in shops WITHOUT buying and taking it home. 

Hey, you two look familiar...

We are busy!

Aha so it's JE and SE. Messing around with Ikea art smocks. (I'm sure Ikea has staff to put these things back nicely!)

Don't we look nice?

The only problem is, SE bawls when it's time to put back the thing!


  1. piak my head.....didnt know they have this art smocks leh. It would have made it easier for me to clean up the mess when doing art and craft

  2. luckily for me Lil Pumpkin doesn't usually ask to buy anything if we're out too.. only when she really likes something :P she just likes to touch this touch that haha

  3. They sure look cute in the art smock. In the end, mommy still successfully put back the smock without buying since SE was reluctant to say bye bye to it?

  4. SK, go buy. :)

    Ai, yeah touch/carry/molest stuff hehe.

    Mun, what to do, I don't want to buy the smock. She was bawling REAL loud so I had to quickly remove her!