Monday, November 3, 2014

Watching TV with Papa

Hubby has a talent... of watching TV non-stop for long periods of time!  Like one movie after another (me, I can only manage one movie. With maybe one toilet break)  Like episode after episode of series shows, until 2 - 3am.  Often with accompanying snacks.


Overheard this recently during his Vikings series...

JE:  Papa, this one good people or bad people?
Hubby:  Good one
JE:  What are they doing, papa?
Hubby:  Stealing something

5mins later...

JE:  Papa, this one the good people?
Hubby:  Yes
JE:  Are they going to fight?
Hubby:  Yes

Oo-kay, I think a better role model is called for here!

On a serious note, I do have a concern with the kids watching along.  Hubby's shows usually involve violence, bad language, gory scenes.  I'm not sure about the impact on the kids, he says shows are like that and no point filtering for the kids.  I can't be covering their eyes - too many such scenes. Can't be removing them from the living room - hubby watches TV all the time and this would mean the family is never together. So for now, the kids are watching wide-eyed torture or crime scenes which disturb even me. Sigh.


  1. haha Lil Pumpkin likes to ask questions like that too.. is this person good? bad? what are they saying? now what? :P

  2. Looks like the girls are not frightened by the shows. Wah, your husband so enjoy, can po hei like cook porridge for a long time every night ah.

  3. Mun, yeah. While I take the girls to bed and sleep too (or they would be all over the place). That's why very little me-time!